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Just played the last game of our football season... We DID IT!!!


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Some of you know I coach the game. I love it. I'm an assistant coach on the varsity staff, but my primary job is to call the modified (7th and 8th grade) offense.

Our program as a whole has been struggling. I was with JV my first two seasons as a coach. We went 2-7 both years. I didn't call anything, but I was the line coach and I did special teams. Before last season, I was told I could stay on JV and be an assistant or go down to modified and call the offense. I accepted the offensive coordinator position.

Last season we finished 4-3, the ONLY winning record in the program. We felt great. That was the first winning record in the program since the year after I graduated and no longer played.

Fast forward to tonight. We won our final game of the regular season! That capped a perfect 7-0 season.

There has been one other team in our schools history that has went undefeated and it was the only team in our history to win sectionals (The playoffs).

I sit here proud of the job our kids did all season. They were disciplined and listened to everything we told them. I'm proud of our defensive coordinator and I'mn proud of our head coach, who let me and the defensive guy call all the shots and set his ego aside. Our special teams coach was very motivating. And I'm in awe. We did it. We went undefeated!!!

Wow. What a feeling.

And not only that, the entire school is happy because we did it the right way. We disciplined kids that didn't get the job done in the classroom and we stress character.

Sorry to brag, but these guys did a phenominal job!

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Thanks man. I feel so good right now. It's an unbelievable feeling!

They got me with the water pour too! I was cold, but for the first time in my life I actually welcomed that chill! :)

congrats man, it feels good i'm sure.

i've had 2 undefeated seasons, one season we shut everybody out. :yikes:

i had a long season this year though. :(

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We allowed 6 points through the first 6 games total. Last night we won 20-13.

We won games:









I already have started to make changes to the playbook :)


Volunteer at a local high school to prove your worth :)

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