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Week 8. Looking Good. Hail Skins!


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Hi to all in America,

I didn't see the Lions game live --- I was at Wembley stadium watching the Chargers v Saints game. It was a class game, but like the Skins game, the result was never in doubt.

Why say that, When we were down at half-time? Because the Lions are team with no belief and the Skins are WELL tooled up to fight back in any game. I knew the Skins would ultimately beat the Lions.


The O-Line was solid again. Good to see Jansen back. Holding is always a dubious call and there is honestly a case to call it on every play in the NFL. I thought his 'face mask' call was nonesense. I couldn't see it. Whatever. Jansen is forgiven for that fumble recovery! Intstumental in our victory, ultimately.

MVP on O --- Santana Moss. No doubt. An excellent game all round.

MVP O contenders would be my man Clinton Portis [again] and Chris Cooley. I thought Cooley had a cracking game. Cooley's yards never come easily --- the man always has to fight for his gains.

Good performers on O: Randle El, Thrash and Campbell, despite fumbles, had another solid performance. STILL NO INTERCEPTIONS!!! I think that is an amazing fact, considering this is the NFL half way through the season. You can keep your Favre's, Brees, Rivers etc., I take Jason any day. The man is BIG, poised in the pocket AND NOT MAKING MISTAKES. Yeah, he fumbled, but that is easy to do, with 300+ pound men tackling unexpectedly.


MVP Rogers. Carlos had a terrific game.

MVP D Contenders: London 'The Tackle' Fletcher. MAN! Is this guy ace, or what?! He saved the game on that last drive. Fred Smoot. Smooty had a good game and was very impressive in coverage.

Good performers: Golston, Evans --- great on the D line, Laron Landry had another good game, Green had a decent performance and Rocky McIntosh is playing great this season. In fairness, our D was a little quieter than normal, but they kept us in the game again.

Special Teams: Suisham. Suisham did miss a 51 yarder [but had the leg]; yet he was instrumental in winning this game. Every time your kicker makes a FG, you are chipping away with points. Ultimately, his performance gave us another W in the win/ loss column. Respect. Santana Moss. Yes, Brian Billick keeps calling you Santonio, but we all KNOW YOUR NAME! AS DO THE LIONS! What an excellent punt return. Santana is a true superstar; reminds me much of Gary Clark, but with a lot more athleticism. I think overall, Santana was MVP of the game.

Don't know what is going on with Coach Zorn and Clinton 'the man' Portis. Hope it was just a minor scuffle in the game? In fairness to Clinton, nobody can expect a player to make a 1st down on 3rd-and-11, surely? I sincerely hope Clinton doesn't feel he is being edged out by Shaun Alexander? I like Alexander, the man has been a great back and was player of the year in 2006 for RB's. Still, Clinton is our number 1 back and while healthy, he should have the confidence of the Head Coach.

Whatever is up with you two guys sort it. I know I risk the wrath of Jim Zorn here, but when Clinton goes, the Redskins go. He is leading the NFL and has carried the reigns at Washington for a number of seasons. Clinton really is the best player on the team. My heart was in my mouth in the 4th when he went down. I was thrilled to bits, to see him get up again.

We all were.

So. At the midpoint, we're looing good. I hope the Skins really give it the Steelers. I really don't like the Steelers. Their fans and their team have this stinking air of superiority over the Skins.

Kick the crap out of them Washington. You will make this Englishman even prouder than I am of you already! At the end of the Chargers v Saints game in London, Wembley yesterday, I walked out of the game with my flashing Redskins Hat! Everybody commented on it!

This Skins team is rocking my world right now. But now the fight is really on. We've separated the wheat from the chaff in the first 8 games of the season. This is where it gets tougher as we separate the real deal from the pretenders. I don't think the Skins are pretenders this season. Let's rest, heal and go at the Steelers....

Warm Regards, to all in America,



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How is it that one of our brethren from the UK has such a decent grasp of things and people that live within walking distance of the team are running around pulling their hair?

My hats off to all of you guys representing the B&G from afar.

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Fred Smoot. Smooty had a good game and was very impressive in coverage.

nice post overall, and i agree with most of it...

but Smoot got beat all game long, although he did have a nice break-up on one play and some nice open field tackles but he also needs to wrap the carrier up (see touchdown-- just threw his shoulder at him with no intent to wrap).

and for Jansen, he was beat constantly too, although the fumble recovery was big. he cannot have that type of performance against arguably the best team in the NFL at pressure/sacks

This game will come down to the O-Line...they block like they have against other 3-4 defenses and we win.

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