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Zorn on ARE Pass: "You know how many times we practiced that play?" he asked. "Once."

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Where did the Randle El pass come from? Randle El's 18-yard touchdown pass to Cooley in the third quarter gave the Redskins their first lead of the game. Randle El, a former college quarterback at Indiana, took the ball around the right side on an end-around and then fired back across the middle to a wide-open Cooley. Randle El is now 19-of-23 for 264 yards and four touchdowns during his pro career, which gives him a 154.1 passer rating -- if my math's correct.

Cooley said he almost tried to sell the run fake a little too hard. He got caught up with a linebacker at the line of scrimmage before breaking free. Zorn said the red-zone play wasn't something the Redskins had spent a lot of time on.

"You know how many times we practiced that play?" he asked. "Once. That's why with red zone packages it's hard because you can't script those things and work on them all week like with first and second down stuff. You get to see it once, but you have to be a veteran player to be able to execute it and that's what the difference was on those kind of plays."

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Good article by Mosley. And I don't think he can be the self-proclaimed driver of the Jason Campbell bandwagon. As much as I normally dislike Peter King, I believe his preseason comments about JC make him the official driver of the bandwagon from the mass-media standpoint.

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