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The annoying cowbells for the Tampa Bay Rays


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I was quite surprised that cowbells didnt come up in the Search function.

Why are these things allowed in Tampa games ?

I heard a Tampa reporter compare them to other fan's practices, such as the UF Gators' "Alligator Chomp", or the "Tomahawk Chomp" by the Seminoles or Atlanta Braves.

Except they're missing one thing. The other comparisons don't make any noise.

While the cowbells are loud as hell.

It's one thing for fans to get loud, stomp, or even bang on their seats.

But it's another to bring in an extra-curricular tool to multiply the sound level

about 10 times.

To me, a more fair comparison, would be the teams that were accused of pumping in artificial crowd noise into their stadium.

It's an unfair, and extremely excessive advantage.

Imagine 50,000 fans simultaneously clanging on their free cowbells given by the stadium / owner.

Is it a matter of time before the league forbids these ?

I'm amazed it's been allowed this long.

Thoughts ?

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