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Who wants hard copies of all regular season games this year?

Toe Jam

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Yes, I would have all the regular season games. Playoffs if we make it.

Quality would be the best possible from TiVo (not HD!).

I wouldn't charge anything for this. Just send me the blank DVD-R's and I'll do the rest and mail them back to you.

Not sure if I'm going to do this yet. Just want to see if there is interest first.

Just thinking about helping Skins' fans who may not know how to use torrents or don't want to..

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I think there is enough interest here..

PM me if you are seriously interested. You will need to mail me the DVD-R's and $10 to ship them back to you.

I need to know how many of these I'm doing BEFORE the season begins. There is only so much time in a day so I will have to limit this... first PM'd, first served..

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