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Debatable, but if true--not ANYMORE. But it was founded upon Christian principles. (Read my signature quote.)

I agree with you on your response to the post "we are not a Christian nation." It's become pretty clear to me that recently we have been, despite some of the founding fathers best efforts.

However as to your John Adams quote that you mention, that could be interpreted many ways. "The general principles of Christianity". This is probably more of a sidetrack here, but "general principles" can be interpreted many ways. I think it's pretty safe to say 90% of the major worlds religions are alike (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam). Those 10% differences are what leads to pointless wars and schisms between groups, and relgiions themselves.

That being said, the way I interpret the quote "...general prinicples of Christianity" is meaning that those 90% principles that are common to all religions (10 Commandments, Golden Rule, do good, stuff like that, believe in God, stuff like that). Whether they believed in God or not, I'd guess most of the founding fathers believed in those ideals, even the slave owning ones.

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