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Need help with GF's jersey size


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There may have been similar posts to this, but I can't seem to find any in searching...

Trying to get the lady friend a Skins jersey and I've seen some reviews of the NFL Reebok womens' jerseys running very small. Some recommended getting the Youth size Large instead.

She wears a size 5 for shirts. Any suggestions you guys and gals can give me on this? I don't think she would want it to hug her very tight, just a good loose fit.

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If she's a 5 in shirts, the ladies fitted jerseys in small will fit her well...slightly loose, but with the fitted cut we women like (cuz we don't like loooking boxy). I'm hesitant against rec'ing the youth large b/c although it may fit, depending on her bust area, it may be too small/uncomfortable. Go w/ ladies small, she can layer a turtleneck undereath it and it won't be tight.

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Dude, your screwed.

If its too small, then she'll think she is getting fat (other people, like you think she is or should be skinnier)

If its too big, then she'll think you think she IS that fat.

The numbers for the size of womens clothes means absolutely nothing. a 5 from one company dos not equal a 5 from another. Or better yet, your GF could really be a size 6 or 7, but found a size 5 that fits her and now she thinks.tells people she is a size 5.

Best thing to do, when she's sleeping, or in an nyquil induced coma (PM me for details) and get 3 or 4 sizes of the shirt and try them on her. Now I know dressing an unconcious lady may seem a bit wierd, but trust me, you are in for a world of hurt if you mess this thing up.

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