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Shawn Springs

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So I have been hearing multiple rumors that Shawn Springs is a goner after this year ...

Does anyone know the truth in this ? I heard he wasn't happy with contract problems and with the organization as a whole ... Also heard Gibbs was talking with the Pats a little before the season on a trade for him

I have a buddy who produces the Jon Riggans show ... He is my source

He has been our best CB for a few years now and I really don't want to see him leave but realize it's the nature of the business and he is getting old (always injured )

Anyone know what it would take for him to stay or is he most likely a goner ?


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This is the first season that I can remember for a while that it hasn't ended in injury for him (knock on wood).

That being said, I would love for him to stay but I have a feeling he'll want way too much $$$ for what he's worth. Plus his contract $$$ is coming due and that's going to hurt our cap situation.

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He has refused to re-do his contract and his cap hit is unreal next year!

He refused to do his contract last off-season. That may or may not change this coming off-season. There has been talk of him moving to safety. That still could be in the picture next year. Have to wait and see what the cap situation is.

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