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Question regarding Sean Taylor shirts (from stadium forum)


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Hey all, I read the thread about the Sean Taylor shirts on Ebay, and it made me nuts! I just got sick about it, but i have a question and would like everyones input:

I was having a shirt made just for me, to wear at the game 12/30. I have a good friend that would print it for me, and I would never even dream of selling it, nor would i ever buy something like that for some jackass to profit from it.

The shirt is white, with a blue star that reads Dallas Cowboys on the front and on the back would be the logo of Sean Taylor (2nd link on the stadium forum linking to ebay) with the words, we all miss you Sean.

I really do want to honor him and support him and all the Skins fans that loved him, at the game...but now i feel that by the jerk selling his stolen sigs on ebay, it may not be a good idea???

Would it be better, if i printed extremeskins.com on it as well, maybe underneath the picture??

All views are welcome.

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if you do end up doing it...make sure to take a picture so we can see your design....i know you described it and all, but pics are nice.

Sur thing. I am not 100% sure that the logo was made on extrmemeskins, I first saw it @ the Zone, but either way, it will be pictured here on es when and if I do it.

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I think the key is definitely whether or not you're profiting from it and obviously, that's not what you're doing so I think it would be quite the gracious gesture. Also, SweetSassyMolassy from these boards has a T-shirt company and they're making ST shirts. All profits are going to the charity for Sean Taylor's daughter and for a children's charity run by Joe Gibbs.

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