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3rd and reallly Long


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I noticed a trend this year where we have opposing teams at 3rd and 15 or more and let them off the hook.

Yesterday we had Dallas at 3rd and 15, and twice at 3rd and 19 and they got first downs and on one play a touchdown.

A big play against the eagles was a 3rd and 20 and we let them get a first down.

On those plays I notice we didn't blitz and play a zone. Well, if you don't blitz and get no pressure a good QB will always find the soft spot in the zone.

We can't let teams conver 3rd and long on us, its just demoralizing.

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Dallas didn't exactly stop us on 3rd and long yesterday....just to be fair.

But I do feel that Williams needs to dial up some blitzes in these situations. The Philly game when it was 3rd and 20 and we gave up 19.5 yards which allowed for them to go for it on 4th. Send some blitzers and let our CB's make some plays.

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Yeah, because our secondary is garbage without Sean Taylor and Carlos Rogers. Ball is snapped over Homo's head, he grabs it and throw for a 1st down. 3rd and 18, Reed Doughty(trash) tackles the receiver without even looking for the ball. Smart play. The most brilliant, however, is letting Terrell Owens go on every TD. Cornerback covers him for about 5 yards, then lets him go for the air to cover him. You think a safety or linebacker is going to make up 15-20 yards in a matter of 3 seconds?

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