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Rypien 91

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My thread for the baseball playoffs...

Already in:

American League:

Cleveland Indians

Boston Red Sox

Los Angeles Angels

National League:

Nobody yet

Close, but not yet:

New York Yankees (Magic Number= 1)

Still to close to call:

New York Mets, leads Phillies by 2 games, magic number is 5

Arizona Diamondbacks, leads Padres by 3 games, magic number is 4

Chicago Cubs, leads Brewers by 3 games, magic number is 4

NL Wild Card:

Phillies and Padres tied, with the Rockies only 1 game back, and the Braves lurking at 3 games back, magic number for the Phillies and Padres is 7.

Who is everybody pulling for?

For me, it is Cubbies all the way. Went to Saturday's game at Wrigley and the atmosphere was electric. Go Cubbies!!!!!

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im a tribe guy for life....the 93 or 94 strike ruined my team that, get this, had a line up consiting of

kenny lofton

omar viquel

carlos bearga

albert belle

jim thome

manny ramerez

sandy alomar

eddie murray

candy maldanado

paul sorrento

wasnt a bad rotation with

dennis martinez

chad ogeda

charles nagy

oral herscheiser

jullian tavarez

hall of fame roster with a season that was cut short. mlb owes me and others that got their hearts broken that season, this tittle

ive never forgiven the bigs since.took my passion for the game away

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