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Can We Just Boycott WTEM?


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Czabe is way more objective than Larry Michael who picks the Redskins to win 13 weeks out of the year.

I gave up on Czaban during his stint on Comcast, I can find his style of "objectivity" on most sports message boards.

You are right about Larry and Bram, I find them entertaining and worth a good chuckle now and again....quite a relief actually.

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Who is Steve Czaban anyways? Where did he come from? what are his creditials to be in his position to talk sports? I've listened to him talk about the Nationals and he has no idea what he is talking about. So I ask again How did Steve Czaban get in this position to talk to us about sports? Anybody really know?

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Well, I'll attribute Czabe being gone to the old question of if a tree falls in the forrest and you're not there does it make a sound? Mainly because I don't listen to him anyhow. I won't even know if he's there or gone anyway. He's been a big turn off for a long time. I can't stand the constant negativity. The fact that he would call Gibbs a liar just speaks volumes to his ignorance.

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Lucky for me all I get to listen to is WNST in Baltimore.:rolleyes:

Seriously though, anyone who thinks it's a new phenomenon that the local media bashing the home team is crazy.

You should hear the sports talk up here critique the Ravens. Especially after the Monday night game.

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I think I owe bulldog an apology, lol.

I just heard a few minutes of Czaben as I was driving home, and it was too outrageous to even be taken seriously.

He managed to call Gibbs a liar. (Either Springs is lying or Gibbs is. Given Springs injury history here and in Seattle, I tend to think Springs is not 100%)

That one I can even tolerate, because something fishy is definitely going on with the Springs situation.


He called Gibbs weak. What he was basing this on, I have no clue. He thinks that Snyder is calling the shots. Again, no clue where he's getting this stuff from.

And anyone that disagrees with him, he says they're just being homers, lol. Meanwhile he has simply no basis for his opinions, just that he wants them to be right. Calling Gibbs weak was I thought unfounded.

Then the other guy floats this theory that Snyder has somehow strongarmed Gibbs into doing what he wants with the Redskins because Snyder has influence over Gibbs Racing.


I couldn't make this stuff up. Truly laughable. And then if you disagree, well, you're just a Gibbs supporter and you don't know what's going on.

Weak, a liar, and being strong armed by Snyder. Uh-huh.

Czaben, you have outdone yourself in terms of conspiracy stupidity.

Bulldog, I think you may be on to something here. I simply couldn't listen to that nonsense. I had to turn it off.

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