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49ers Cut Junior Bryant!!


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Bryant can't play anymore. You feel for him and Robert

Edwards, two players that just couldn't come back physically to play the game even though both were entering their primes.

The 49ers re-signed Stubblefield as insurance at the tackle spot because Walsh/Donohue knew it was a long shot for Bryant to come back.

No, the Redskins need healthy ballplayers. I'll take a 33 year old DT in the final round of cuts for a year, but the guy has to at least be able to take the field without being in severe pain.

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It would be safe to assume that the 49ers, as well as Bryant individually, have exausted all the medical avenues before coming to this decision. It's a shame....he was an above average D-lineman.

I agree with you Bulldog, I'd prefer we sign a serviceable DT cut from someone else (preferably the D-line heavy Titans or Broncos as examples) who has the fire in his belly and something to prove.

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