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a LONG time since I rock'n'rolled!


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I'll take a guess there are some Zeppelin fans on here. I was amazed at a recent photograph of Jimmy Page who has suddenly 'aged' (ok, he is 60+ anyway).

Less than a year back he was at an awards ceremony with Jon Lord (Deep Purple) (some Princess of Denmark/Sweden whatever is in the pic too):


This week, he attended a court case in Scotland as prosecution witness against some guy boot-legging Zep stuff (if Peter Grant was still around there wouldnt be a need for a court case, just some concrete boots!):


...yes, he is the guy in the middle! I guess he has just decided to be who he is at the age he is.


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he's been an a heroin addict on and off for 40 years. once an addict always an addict. It's very possible that he's back into it and not likely that he would be keeping up appearances such as dieing his hair. It's an awful shame, he's arguably the greatest rock guitarist to ever strap on a les paul and when he leaves he will have left us with the ultimate desert island collection. I'm still holding out for a led zepp reunion with jason bonham

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