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Help me get clean

Spaceman Spiff

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Always good to want to make a change, especially if it is indepedent, and of your own choice. I once felt very overwhelmed by circumstances such as this.......and my decision...........I joined the Navy. Not thinking clearly on that one. Probably had been out with PB in Mo-town.

All kidding aside, if it is an overwhelming issue, or if would call it an overwhelming issue, call around to a bunch of LPC's unitl you get one that you feel comfortable with. Just talking to a competent professional, and you will come up with your own answers. Just not a psych. you'll walk out with a handful of scripts, which could be a good thing.

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Good thread.

Personally, I am not a neat freak but I am fairly organized.

When you cook clean as you go.

When you do laundry, put stuff away immediately after you fold it.

When you leave your car take your crap with you into the house or work, toss them there.

My wife leaves her socks next to the bed every night. I don't really know why but I can't help but tease her about it.

I used to tease my Ex-GF because she would notice if I moved anything in the house. If one of her perfume bottles was moved she would adjust it immediately.

I think a good balance or schedule is key. Whatever works for you. My parents clean the house top to bottom every Saturday. I clean as I go and when cleaning is needed.

My desk isn't messy, but it isnt neat. I write things down on random pieces of paper throughout the week. But I go through them every week so I can consolidate or eliminate. And besides pictures I dont have any knick-knacks. I hate them and won't ever have them in my house. Knick knacks=JUNK.

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Extreme slovenliness calls for extreme measures, Spiff.

I think it just takes desire. If you have a high tolerance for filth and you can think of a million other things you'd rather do than clean up after yourself, then you will continue to be a slob.

I speak from personal experience here. :)

If I had to suggest something, it would be this;

1) Make a commitment of 90 days to keep your domicile clean.

2) Write down your commitment and your desire for cleanliness on a piece of paper, with an exact, detailed plan on how you intend to keep a tidy home.

3) Make signs that say things like "Put clothes in hamper" & "wash dishes immediately after use" in the appropriate places. Sounds gay but it works.

4) Make a concerted effort to keep cleanliness in the forefront of your mind, especially throughout the initial days of your new routine.

After 90 days, you will have established new habits.

90% of it is keeping to your routines. Usually, there is a window of just a few seconds where you'll look at something that needs to be done, such as folding & putting away your clothes as the come out of the dryer, and if you just stop thinking about how much you don't want to do it and just get started, you'll be done before you know it. However, if you say "Ah man, I'm tired, I really don't feel like it, I'll see what's on TV & then I'll get to it tomorrow", well, that will initate a freefall into Messy Marvin land...yet again.

It's all about daily maintainence. A little here, a little there. Clean as you go.

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I give you credit for admitting in a public forum that you are slob. I know I could never admit it on here. Oh wait...****!!!!

Yeah I'm the same way dude. It gets tiring. Thanks for starting this thread. I'm looking forward to the replies they give you and also applying them to myself.

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