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My Second News Feature for NPR


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Today, on Metro Connection they are airing a piece I did for them, but what you may find more interesting is the piece right before mine. Here's the blurb:


Each month, dozens of people gather in and around the District to compare, sample and discuss their favorite consumable - beer. It's a meeting of BURP - Brewers United for Real Potables. The club was founded over 25 years ago by avid home brewers in the Washington area... and, obviously fans of amusing acronyms. During Oktoberfest celebrations a couple of years ago, Gail Wein attended a BURP meeting and came back with this report.

If you're curious, here's mine:

Drum Therapy

When does therapy not feel like therapy? When you're pounding the skins and moving to the beat with room full of drummers. Twice a week the Young Women's Empowerment Project meets in the St. Stephens and the Incarnation Episcopal Church in northwest DC... and fills the halls with drumming, poetry and song. Andrew Hiller reports.

Metro Connection runs from 1-2 on Friday locally 88.5 FM and here's a link


I seriously want to thank you guys for all the encouragement. Your comments on the Virtual Society Commentary really brightened my day. It's just really cool to know how people respond from so many different walks of life and more that there are guys out there who have your back and will support you or take a moment for you. :notworthy:

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I don't know if anyone got a chance to listen to it, but I'm pretty pleased I think it came out pretty well. And they didn't cut anything from the tape I handed in which is really cool on a technical level.

I thought it was a pretty good show. I enjoyed the ice cream and beer segments as well.

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too bad i missed it. are you a professional journalist or you're doing this just for kicks?

Doing this freelance, right now. My life is entirely cobbled together. I'm having a blast though (especially with the commentaries) It's a really nice thing to step into all these different worlds and learn and try to share your snapshot glimpse.

Thanks for the kind words, headexplode. I think they do like me. Who knows I may be on my way to being a puff reporter. :silly: I pitched the festival one our fellow ESers is a part of and Metro Connection gave me the go ahead to cover it. So, I may be on again next week. I do enjoy the fact that Metro Connection gives an opportunity to bring to light positive stories. Media too often hones in on the bleak and bloody.

And I think keeping drunken men and adolescent young women separated is always sound advice, Corcaigh

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That was a pretty good peace. Itreminded me of the african dance class at St. Mary's. THey used to put on a show, and I loved to go. The first time I was embarrassed as heck when they put all the watchers in a ring with them, and you had to cross the ring doing anything to the beat of the drums. I was sure I was the typical white male in that regard. Then the teacher took me aside and said we all have rhythm, just listen to your heart beat. As I play with my kids, I know dady's funky rythm beating on the baby wipes box is a guaranteed smile for all who hear. :D

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