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D-Line Nickname? An Off-Season Exercise


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As you know, the Redskins Offensive-line has a nickname -- "The Dirt-Bags."

Does the Redskins Defensive-line have a nickname? After all, other NFL teams have done that before -- Minnesota's Purple People Eaters, Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain, Denver's Orange Crush, etc.

If there is no current nickname on record, what could you suggest as a possible nickname for the Redskins Defensive-line?

To prime the pump -- I'll offer up my first suggestion. . . Washington's "Mall Mashers"

(Hey, it's the off-season --at least this thread isn't about Brunell vs. Campbell.)

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Unless someone with more institutional knowledge can correct me -- I think there never was a name for the Redskins Defensive-line.

I did researched the ES threads and came up with one that was suggested for the defense. It was "The U" or "The Unit" and was suggested by Lavar. But that was for the entire defense, and Lavar was pushing it, because it was about the D having 'swagger.' Many on the ES boards, didn't care for it, mainly because of the U-of-Miami implications.

Other Redskin team nicknames I surfaced was "The Over-the-Hill Gang" and the "No-name Defense" Here too, this was not just for the Defensive-line.

Maybe it would help if the defensive players or coaches came up with a nickname to give this 2007 Redskin Defensive-line some identity, or at least a reputation to defend.

I understand those who feel the Redskins Defensive-line hasn't been cohesive enough or that 'good' to merit a nickname. Still, it wouldn't hurt some of the young players of the D-line to promote one, and they might just find themselves playing up to the nickname. . . .How about "Boast-Busters?"

And if the Redskins sign someone like Tank Johnson -- I could see people coming up with names like "Tank Battalion" "Frontal Assault" or "Armory Row"

Come to think of it, I kind of like "Armory Row" -- considering how it has those old RFK associations..

By the way, great posts! Some were really funny. I had to think about it a bit longer, but Oliphant's suggestion-- "The Matadors" -- that one really cracked me up!! ...Ole!

(Hey, it's the off-season --at least this thread isn't about Brunell vs. Campbell.)

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Nah, I've been on the ES boards a while now. As I said, this is an "Off-Season Exercise." ...So exercise, exorcise, whatever!

I've really laughed at some of the 'less-than-glowing' suggestions. Come to think of it, I thought of a few good ones, during the sad 2006 performances.

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