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New Velvet Revolver

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They should cut the lead mic (in that vid he looks like he should be singing YMCA :doh: ) and just let the band do its thing. That guy is horrible too bad axle is cracked out of his mind or they would be back on top :doh:

He's always looked a little weird, but Weilands a great frontman. Just cause he's dressed a little weird doesn't mean anything.

"Let it Roll" from the new album, live in Argentina.


Pure Rock Fury!

Thanks for sharing the video, that was pretty awesome! I know some debate whether Slash is a great guitarist or not, but I could watch him play all day. Great stuff.

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Well, listened all the way through the album and its good stuff. I think Contraband was a little bit better (more of that classic 'rock the **** out' feel) but its hard not to like this stuff.

Good music - BUT I wish they broke up so Wieland could go back to STP and reform one of the greatest bands EVER.

STP and GnR both had great runs but I can't really say that I'd prefer a full-blown reunion of either band to Velvet Revolver at this point. Granted, an STP reunion would definitely fare better than any attempt for Slash and the gang to work with Axl Rose. :doh:

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