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Taroko! Tarako! (vid - watch at your own risk)

Mark The Homer

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I was innocently researching Kewpie Mayonnaise, and ran across this thing. If you liked the Sound Of Music, you'll like this. This is some kind of Japanese music video which spawned from a number of earlier Tarako commercials. The Kewpie you see is the Cabbage Patch Doll of Japan at the moment. Once you see the ad, you have to go out and buy some Tarako. And they say, once this song gets into your head, it will never leave. Watch this at your own risk.


Here's some comments from youtube:

Too cute and I love it!

WTF is this ****

crack! it hurted my brain. <3

Kewpie Tarako scare the hell out of me...not what I want to see when I switch on the TV *shudder*

well there goes my mind

Holy carp, I love the song. I will save this video to my phone so I can listen at work!!! Heck yeah!


im SO adicted!!

this awsome song wont leave my head for years... its stuck in there for good

I finally found someone help translate it!

When my stomach growls they come

With their friends they come.

Codfish roe popping up their heads.

They come with a suicho, suicho sound

Suddenly they're outside the window, suddenly they're inside the house

When I boil pasta, they come

All lined up nicely neatly, they come

With their constantly happily grinning faces

chakapoko, chakaraka charming

Suddenly they're above your shoulder, suddenly they're in your dish.

Year in and year out, they come.

With red dread they come.

punyo-punyo, kunyo-kunyo tarakorinko (sounds of cooking)

tsubu-tsubu, puchi-puchi tarakotinko (sounds of chewing)

Suddenly they're in your mouth, suddenly they're in your dreams.

I saw this video playing on two huge moniters in Umeda station in Osaka. Kind of a surreal experience

this song has been stuck in my head for a months now...

PLEASE PLEASE I NEED THIS CLIP in my ipod. anyone please upload this onto google video so i can download.

wow that has to be one of the most entertaining yet creepy things i have seen in a while...they must have long advert breaks in japan to have this one on..

so...who else has had repeated nightmares of this....before even seeing this?

this scared me to death

credit to the japanese... only they have the brains and wits to come up with the weirdest and funniest tv ad.

This isn't a commerical! this is the actual music video--they show it every day on MTV right now! @.@

I can't quite make up my mind; this is either the least or the most scary Tarako commersial I've seen...

my favorite commercial in japan .

i just can't get over how amazing this video is.

Oh, my god.

I want one of those hats!

The composition for the music is actually quite amazing.

Be careful. At the end of the video your dogs braing will melt.

Can't stop watching it !

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