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Honda Radio "CODE" error


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Hog, found this info online, quoting what this person wrote.

"PLEASE everyone listen to me! This has happened to me twice. I discovered a very easy and FREE way to fix your radio. Make sure your radio is OFF. Hold down the preset buttons 1 and 6 at the same time. Turn the radio on and your SERIAL NUMBER will appear. 4 numbers first and then 4 more. Write them down (obviously) then call (800) 999-1009. Make sure you have your VIN number handy because they will ask for it. They will ask for your name and approx. milage, and your radio's serial number. They will then give you your radio unlock code--WRITE IT DOWN!"

Yah I saw that online too and tried. The radio in the car right now is a piece of shoot. The 1-3 button don't press in (lol :rolleyes:) The radio unit in my car is old as you know what.

I went over to Bestbuy and I talked to the "specialist" over in the car speaker/radio section and he said that if I buy a radio unit over $99.99 they would uninstall my radio in my car and install the new one for free. Of course the kit and tools to do that cost $40.00.

I honestly am most likely going to pay $140 in total to get my old radio out and a brand new working radio in.

I do gotz a J-o-B.

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Dude, they should never charge for this. They have the code in their system, all they have to do is look it up. They ask for ID and registration for proof of ownership, and thats that.

Any dealer that charges you, move on. Call another dealer. Many times they'll give them right over the phone. If that doesnt work call, dont write, Honda NA, and ask them. The code is in their system, they dont need to physically remove anything.

Also check on the underside of the ash tray, sometimes there is a sticker there with the code.

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Well, apparently my raido display screen says, "CODE". I don't know how to get the serial number other than removing the raido and then calling honda headquarters and having them giving me the code. Any advice of some place that would take out my radio for really cheap. I stopped by a Honda dealership this morning and they wanted $85.00 to take out my radio and read the serial number to me. Please tell me there is a cheaper way to get my radio taken out. Oh and I tried press 1 & 6 at the same time but doesn't work.

The number is located on a sticker under the rear door/fuse box and sometimes located on a crd in the user manaual. Check thier first before paying to remove the CENTER CONSOLE ( this is why it cost so much to fix this error, I had to do the removal for a friend and found the instructions on a google search and you have to remove the center part of the console on the manual stick honda. Pain in the ass and worth 85 bucks to have done, but remember to write that dam code down because a dead battery will aslo cause this problem.)

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I think if you are buying a new head unit you should buy something that is satellite ready, plays MP3s, and maybe even has an imput for an IPod.

I think you could probably still find something fairly reasonable, even buy something online. I bought an Ex one online (cant remember now, it was about 6 years ago) with a steep discount and it was a great unit. With all the gadgets and crap. And I am almost positive Best Buy is where I had it installed. Go right to the installation bay and talk to the guys about it before you buy it.

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HOG if you want a new head unit, buy it, PM me and I'll install it, buy it from crutchfield so you get all the parts, I don't mind, you drive out to my house, I'll do it, you give me money to buy beer, easy as that. **** paying for an install I'll do it.

Redskins Brothers Unite ! ! !


Thats what he really needs to do.

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