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Parcell's appreciation Thread (Bonehead call of the day)MERGED


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Thanks Bill for going for two in the first half, when it made no sense. The whole game would have been completely different if you had just kicked the extra point. Thanks Bill for making another wrong call.


Total moronic call, sometimes you just need to put the sheet down, and look at where you're at. Bad call.

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With Dallas took the lead at 6-5, Parcells tries to be cute with a 2-point attempt, thinking that would give him the advantage, right ?


How hard is this ?

How difficult to understand is it, that just because a 2-point attempt might give you the advantage in the 1st quarter, it doesnt mean that it will have given you the advantage in the 4th quarter.

Sure, if they make it, they have an 8-5 lead, and we have to kick a field goal to tie it. But things change 3 quarters later.

If they had just kicked a conventional extra point, Dallas would have led 21-19, with a minute left and possession of the ball. They could have just run out the clock and won it. They would have never even HAD to try that field goal which we blocked. So we would have never had the 2nd chance to kick the game-winner, but would have lost 21-19

But this is NOT a case of "Hindsight is 20/20". Why ? Because you should NEVER try a 2-point attempt in the first quarter, unless your kicker just got injured. Two-point attempts are either for the 4th quarter or when you're trying to mount a huge comeback. Trying to over-analyze the score in the 1st quarter will come back to haunt you, when the scoring changes completely in the 4th, as we saw today.

Plain and simple - Parcells is an arrogant prick just like his receiver T.O. and they BOTH deserved the loss today.

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Um, before we go roasting Bill Parcels, let's look at our own disgusting play calling in the first half....

SEVEN plays from inside the five yard line and we can't punch the ball into the EndZone? Come on... that's pathetic. Especially when the next drive gets inside the twenty and can't punch it in either. We left ELEVEN points on the field in the first two drives of the first half. That trumps the single point the Cowboys would have gotten if they'd kicked the extra point.

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I agree there was no excuse for us not to get in the endzone on that first drive. I think Parcells' choice to go for a 2 pt conversion was more than just a mathematical one though. In such a big game, I think he was going for momentum more than points. If they can get the 2 pts on us so early in the game, that can take a lot out of us in a rivalry game. Props to us for stopping it and for looking like we had some HEART out there today!

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