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Start Jason Campbell.


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Use the search function please...

There's probably 30 other threads you could've added your opinion to.

I'm going to battle your comment for a few reasons.

1.) Everything on this forum...and in any forum regarding any topic...is repetitive.

2.) I don't expect anyone to "search" for a thread...before they post. I would only expect them to do so if there are 'consecutive' posts about a similar topic.

I understand that Admins want the forum to be clean and concise...but let the guy vent on Campbell - it is time...we have absolutely nothing to lose. Why start over next season? At least get the guy in the game for a few snaps...for mere confidence.

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Won't happen. Again, not until we're mathematically out of the post season will this ever happen save for an injury to Mark.


"Unless the injury occurs during the game, then Collins is the backup QB with JC being the emergency QB, where as if they have a week to prepare, then Campbell gets the start with Collins being the backup.":helmet:

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