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WEEK SEVEN Picks, Pats, and Apologies


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Last Week: 8-5

Season: 57-30

Record Picking Redskins Games: 4-2

Link to last week's thread:


Last Week's Pats: Despite the so-so record last week, I actually think I made some nice calls. I correctly nailed the Steelers blowout of KC. I correctly picked the Panthers to win in Baltimore, and I also picked Seattle to win in St. Louis. I also said the Cards would give the Bears a tight game.

Last Week's Apologies: I waffled on that Falcons-Giants game and wound up getting it wrong. Apologies also go out to the Saints, who I now must start to take seriously-- although, I could STILL see them at 8-8 to end the season.

This Week's Picks:

San Diego at Kansas City: Tough one because I think the Chiefs are done if they drop this one. I just see the home crowd going home unhappy here.

Chargers 23, Chiefs 20

Carolina at Cincinnati: I am as confident of a Panthers loss this week as I was about their win last week. The Benglas are due for a win.

Bengals 24, Panthers 17

Detroit at New York Jets: Minor upset here. I'm not buying the Jets quite yet.

Lions 20, Jets 17

Green Bay at Miami: Yikes, possibly the worst game of the week, and perhaps the season thus far. The Dolphins disaster of a season will look a little better......at least for a week.

Dolphins 22, Packers 20

Jacksonville at Houston: Ho-Hum. This will be an easy, if not pretty, win for the Jags.

Jaguars 21, Texans 12

New England at Buffalo: Looking for a major upset this week? Going with a gut feeling here that the Bills win a high scoring game.

Bills 27, Patriots 24

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay:The upsets keep rolling in. I think there are some serious problems with the Philly defense, and it got exposed in New Orleans last week. The stingy Bucs D will force McNabb to win this game by himself-- but he'll come up short.

Bucs 17, Eagles 16

Pittsburgh at Atlanta: This game will determine if the Steelers just got off to a rocky start or if they are in serious trouble. I said before the year that I could see Pittsburgh missing the playoffs-- I'm sticking to my guns.

Falcons 20, Steelers 19

Denver at Cleveland: Don't laugh, the upsets will keep coming in week 7. Denver is on a roll despite the fact that Jake Plummer might be the worst starting QB in the NFL (yes, worse than Brunell). I think it bites them this week.

Browns 17, Broncos 13

Arizona at Oakland: I have serious doubts as to whether the Cards will be ready to go mentally after their Monday night meltdown. But it IS the Raiders after all.

Cardinals 23, Raiders 20

Minnesota at Seattle: This game will be a grinder. The Vikings are tough, but not talented enough to pull this one out.

Seahawks 18, Vikings 15

Washington at Indianapolis: People predicting a blowout this week are totally ignoring NFL trends. I see the Redskins playing inspired football this week and putting some points on the board. However, In the end, Manning will be too much.

Colts 28, Redskins 21

New York Giants at Dallas:

I think Dallas is the best team in the division and will eventually win the East. This game goes a long way in determing that.

Cowboys 23, Giants 21

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Wow, I'm smokin' the good stuff....forgot the Chiefs-Chargers game as well. Just added it.

And for the record, if I HAD to pick......I actually think it's better the Cowboys win this week. Obviously, it means nothing to us at our current pace, but for those of you interested in such things, I think we'd be better served with the Giants losing this one-- every team in the division would then have 1 East loss w/ all three still to come to DC.

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I will join in on the fun Since I am 51-22 on HBO beat the pros

and pretty much have nothing to do at the moment.

My skins record 3-2 I missed a week so that is why my picks are off.

Carolina @ Cinn

Carolina will win 27-17,

Detroit @ Jets

Jets win 28-17

Greenbay@ Miami

Greenbay Wins 20-16

Jacksonville@ Houston

Jags win 30-17

New Englan@ Buff

New England dosen't take them lightly this timw win 24-13

Philly @ Tampa

Eagles Flex thier muscle win a big one 31-10

Pitts @ Atlanta

Pitts win 31-20

San Diego @ KC

San wins 24-3

Denver @ Clevand

Denver 21-10

Arizona @ Oakland

Arizona wins 33-17

Minn @ Sea

Sea wins 21-16

Wash @ Indy

I think Indy Will domanite us Maybe see a QB change in the 4th quater 38-10

Ny Giants @ Dallas

Dalls wins 28-21

Well there you have it. I change my pics a litte on Friday..

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good picks, seems you analyzed the games well. But I disagree with you on two of your picks: Panthers at Bengals and Eagles at Bucs. I admit that I had forgotten about the Panthers at the beginning of the year because of their poor start, but Steve Smith is obviously back. As for the Eagles at Bucs, the Eagles offense should be too much for the Bucs D. You say it's been stingy but this year their defense is definitely not the same.

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Lot of upsets this week. Only one I really cant see happening is the Browns/Broncos

I think the Broncos have a Super Bowl team--EXCEPT for the fact the Plummer is awful, IMO. I think they made the right move taking Cutler in the 1st round, but I do believe it's already time to give him a look. Plummer should what he was in the AFC Title game last year. That was all I needed to see. No reason to think he can elevate them further this year. The Broncos are on the cusp of blowing teams out week to week, but instead, the majority of their games are nail-biters, because Jake makes it that way. It will eventually burn them-- even against inferior teams.

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