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Official Whiners Thread


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For everyone who likes to whine about something wrong during the loses we take, or just for something they think we shouldnt have done. Passing, Rushing, Trading, etc. Theres really no need to make 600 different threads about almost the exact same thing. So lets just keep it all in here instead of making hundreds of threads.


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Duckett trade was a waste.

Our cornerbacks suck.

The season is over.

Brunell is too old.

Campbell is the future. The future is now.

Carter was a waste of money.

ARE and Lloyd don't fit the system.

Archuleta can't play safety.

We wasted all our draft picks.

Williams' playbook is too soft on the blitz.

Saunder's playbook is too long.

Gibb's playbook should come back.

I wish we had Clark still.

I was we had Lavar still.

I wish we had Pierce still.

I wish we had Smoot still.

Is Springs gonna play or not?

Did I mention Brunell sucks?

Did I mention I want Campbell to play?

Play Rocky.

Oh, and bench Brunell and play Campbell.

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I hate commuting down I-270 to get to work.

I also hate how long it takes for a team to learn Saunder's offense. Redskins needs a Saunders Offense for Dummies book with just very basic routes and common terminology.

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How about we just make this the official "whine about the whiners" thread, starring you.

How am I whining about the whiners? All I said was we should keep it all in one thread instead of making hundreds of them. It waste a lot of bandwidth to have 50-100 threads, about the same stuff. Just trying to make it eaiser on the mods, the bill, and the members.

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