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Cheer up. Eli was just too hot Sunday, I don't know how, but he was. I was rootin fer ya so maybe it was me that jinxed you. Anywho, Portis should have a blast with our D in two weeks unless Dungy can get a handle on it and some much needed vets healthy for the stretch run. Right now Peyton bailed us out of three games from behind in a row but we all know sooner or later, the luck runs out. Our D is playing pathetic even to the point of unkown rookie RB's chalking up over a buck on us in one half! Our Offense is getting tense and pressured to stay ahead becuse the only way manning and Company can get back on the field again is for the opposing team to score. Thats pretty sad.

But for now, we wait for your visit to the Dome. Hope noone gets hurt on both sides of the ball and sorry, I'm rooting for our boys in blue. Glad you beat up the Jags and we beat up the Giants for you in return. We're even.

P.S. You guys start a Colt Look-a-like thread over here and pull no strings, rip us up. It will be funny I'm sure.

Good night guys and gals.

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