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Washington Capitals, october 14th.

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Hello Friends.

As some of you know, my brother, father and I are coming over for the Titans game on oct 15th. Im so hyped up for this game its unbelievable.

Anyways we are taking in the whole weekend, and we checked out the capitals website and it turns out there playing at the verizon center ( right near our hotel in chinatown ) on the saturday, at 7pm.

Now basically I have no idea of how these things work, can we pay for tickets on the gate? what time should we arrive etc.

All advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You should have no trouble getting Caps tix

And you will be in for a treat watching Alexander Ovechkin. The kid is absolutley amazing

There are all sorts of deals, I would reccomend buying your tickets about an hour early to cash in on things like the "5 dollars eagles nest" seats, and then go get a bite to eat somewhere

Have a blast, it'll be fun

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Caps tickets are usually readily available at the ticket window at Verizon Center. The only reason I would be slightly hesitant to pass this advice to you is that it is early in the season...that being said football and basketball are MUCH more popular in DC. You should pay for good seats as they are truly worth it at hockey games. Enjoy!

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I recommend arriving about an hour before the game and picking them up from the "will-call" window if you order online.The area around the Verizon Center is full of restaurants and the like.

As mentioned the Capitals are so aweful you will be so close to the action the coach may ask you to lace up some skates.

I must warn you.My alma mater Howard University is having its homecoing that weekend and the streets will be packed in the evening hours with people driiving around looking for parties.

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