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never been seen JC @ Auburn highlight?


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If you were to ask me in person, I wouldn't be able to hear you. I sliced my ears off before 45seconds in.

:laugh: It was Steve Winwood---yeah, I guess if you don't like that kind of music you would want to do that. ROFL.....

*Edit*Oops...loved the vid:applause:

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He has the body structure of Daunte Culpepper, he can scramble, and is very accurate. Not to mention his last name is Campbell so we could **** off the Eagles fans perfectly by taking their Campbells Chunky Noodle Soup Commercials.

He is gonna be a star here. :cheers:

He needs to be atleast Above Average. If not, I firmly believe we will be one of those teams that gets screwed over for the next 8 years.

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