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Unbelieveable Sunday NIght schedule


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just watching nbc and i know this is old but the new sunday night schedule is simply amaznig.. the games they have chosen are great and i know see myself watching straight from 11am to 12am.. simply amazing.. besides being a hardcore skins fan, i just cant wait to the see other teams in action as well... i love football and other matchups have alot of interest and plotlines in them.

week 1 Indianapolis at N.Y. Giants

Week 2 Washington at Dallas obvious

week 3 Denver at New England

week 4 Seattle at Chicago8:15 p.m.

week 5 Pittsburgh at San Diego

week 6 Oakland at Denver

week 7 n/a

week 8 Dallas at Carolina

week 9 Indianapolis at New England

week 10 flex scheduling

i cant see my self missing 1 game on SNF.. the matchups seem to include winning teams besides oakland, but that rivarly is sure exciting..

besides our games, what other games do u believe is a must-watch or can't miss..

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in college I pretty much watched from 11am-12am, unless the matchup was really horrible (like Pittsburgh v. Baltimore, horrible as really good defenses, and rather boring offenses). Anyways, now that I graduated, I pretty much plan on watching from 11am-12am, w/o doing hw during games.

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How come Indianapolis, Denver and Dallas get two games?


Do you want to wait til Sunday Night to watch Redskins game? to answer your question I think it would be great for everyone to see Eli and Peyton square off, and rematch of last year. Dallas well beside us I dont know. Denver both games look interesting. Rematch against the Pats and a division Raiders and Broncos matchup.

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sometimes i just hope for all 1pm starts.. its seems like an eternity til even 4pm

I LOVE 4 pm starts.

You see the pre-game...watch Dallas get their ass handed on a platter... run your buns off like crazy and cook popcorn, get soda, ect ready...pull the soft comfortable chair up close to the tv...bring the fan down to the point where its blowing on you but not to much...yet close enough so you don't have to put much effort into turning the power level up and down...then cover the chair with your redskins blanket...hang the redskins sign up on the wall...if you need Taylor or Portis to step up you where their uniform...get ready to watch some football...and watch your Redskins own for the next 3 to 4 hours...watch nfl prime time...watch the Sunday night game...go to bed.




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Don't get me wrong, I like 1pm starts. But I love 4pm or later starts. For one thing you have plenty of time to get to the staduim or home (for people who go to church every Sunday) second like FootballGuy2677 said you can watch the cowgirls get beat. Theres good and bad about each. I guess I thought that the better teams from the year before got the Sunday night Monday night spotlight games...?

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Do you want to wait til Sunday Night to watch Redskins game?

Yeah im with you. When the skins play on monday night the wait is just lethal. Sunday just doesnt feel complete without a skins game. Its gravy when Monday night finally rolls around though and the short week doesnt hurt. Waiting until sunday night isnt too fun either. I like the 1pm games.

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