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God forbid~~ But, which Redskin can we NOT afford to lose to injury??


Where would you select Ahmad Brooks in the upcoming supplemental draft?  

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  1. 1. Where would you select Ahmad Brooks in the upcoming supplemental draft?

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I know I should be shot for thinking or asking this... But, I kinda got scared thinking about "What if..."

With all the hype of SuperBowl bound, if we lost one player to an injury for the whole year in Training Camp/Pre-season, who will have the biggest impact as far as our season being hopeless (i.e. Michael Vick for the Falcons a couple of years ago, McNabb for some part of the season to Eagles, etc.)

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Player importance ranking IMO

1. Mark Brunell- If he goes down we have nothing but question marks

2. Jon Jansen- We already have seen what will happen if we lose his leadership and ability on the field (questionable oline depth)

3. Clinton Portis- One of the best backs in the league (would be higher but we have great depth at RB)

4-Chris Samuels- No depth what so ever on the Oline makes him so important

5-Marcus Washington- Team leader on Defense that was cannot afford to lose

6- Santana Moss- The amazing WR depth this team has makes him 6th if the was last year he would be #1

7- C. Griffin- Anchors the Dline

8. Randy Thomas- Again lack of Oline depth makes the Oline pieces irreplaceable

9- Sean Taylor- Can't lose his presence in the secondary

10- Shawn Springs- With the corner depth in question he probably should be higher

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Moss, hands down. Until we see Lloyd prove that he can be a solid #1, I think it's safe to say we'd be in serious trouble is Moss went down.

I'd have to disagree with you here... we are fully loaded at WR. Not that he is expendable by any means, but I think with Patten, ARE, Cooley and Lloyd we would still be a dominant force to be reckoned with. I'd be much more worried about, in no particular order: Either CB, any lineman, CP, or ST.

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Close this thread NOW. What would possess you to actually discuss this topic?
I don't care what thread I go into, there is always at least one person bashing the damn thing. What in the hell is wrong with this guys topic? :doh:

Accept maybe bad karma. :)

BTW, I voted Moss, but I think that Samuels would be even worse.

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I think we could deal with it if Moss goes down. And if Brunell gets injured, it'll just mean Campbell takes the helm sooner than Gibbs wanted. Losing Portis would be a big deal, but we still have capable backs behind him. Depth along the lines is our most serious problem.

Knock on wood...

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There are three players we can't afford to lose to injury...

Randy Thomas- Probally our most important player on offense next to Clinton Portis, Chris Samuels, Chris Cooley and Jon Jansen. You saw what happened to our running game after we lost this guy.

Sean Taylor- The Anchor of our pass defense.

Cornelius Griffin- The Anchor of our run defense and the consistency of our defense as a whole.

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