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  1. Tavares signed with Toronto
  2. vegeta613

    All Things Boxing

    Rigondeaux took Donaire to school that night. That was nothing short of a boxing lesson. Just because he doesn't put on a Figueroa-Awarkawa every time out and doesn't take endless punishment, def shouldn't put him in the "boring" category. But I guess if you're looking for action-packed brawls with little to no defense than Rigo is not your guy. So do you think Ward, Marquez and Mayweather too are like watching paint dry? Rigondeaux took zero risk against Donaire and Im sorry but fighting a one tap and go style looking for a decision victory at the start of the fight is not going to win you any fans Watching Rigondeaux fight isn't the same as the other fighters you mentioned, I remember immediately thinking after watching Rigo fight Doniare that I would never watch another one of his fights, I guess HBO thought the same. Showtime is also out there maybe they will pick him up (doubt it)
  3. vegeta613

    All Things Boxing

    dude you watched the Donaire, Rigondeaux fight right? Where Rigondeaux only threw one light pitty pat punch at a time and ran away as the crowd booed him out of the building? Love boxing but his style is beyond boring.
  4. vegeta613

    All Things Boxing

    I love boxing but there is no way I would watch Rigondeaux, His tap and run style of boxing is like watching paint dry.
  5. vegeta613

    All Things Boxing

    The Fix was in for sure Vegas had Mares 2-1, I guess they couldn't let Agbeko win Never seen a fighter get screwed that blatantly before
  6. vegeta613

    All Things Boxing

    any online streams?
  7. CM punk new world champion on Raw!!! :laugh: Edge got screwed for once
  8. HBK vs Undertaker hell in a Cell HBK vs Bret Hart Iron Man Bret Hart vs Stone Cold WM 13 submission match