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  1. I agree with you on everything but this trade value, we traded a 3rd and fuller ( who was a 3rd rounder) for Alex smith 3 years ago and Alex was coming off one of the best seasons of his career and around the same age. Two 3rds for Alex so why is Stafford two 2nds?
  2. Ok lets hold on to terry pay him 20+ million a year sooner rather than later to catch 4 yard slants with Allen as our qb of the future
  3. I think his value is nada if we have no QB to get him the ball, Who is Herbert throwing 2 out there getting 300 yard games. I would consider trading him if the extra draft capital would help get us one of the top 2 QBs in the 21 draft
  4. did I just see 6-20 with 3 int for Cousins? what is he doing
  5. All this talk about trade in this thread, lets be real, no one has the ammo to jump MIA for Tua. The only way I see a trade happening is if the Lions are hot after Tua hell if I was the lions GM I would bluff series interest in Tua to try to force a mega trade so Chase could fall to 3
  6. chase young just entered his name in the draft on instagram
  7. I know but the Texans pick will be in the 20s a bit to low for me, I would rather gamble on the Dolphins having another down year in 2021
  8. Exactly what I'm saying I would take nothing less than the 5th 18th and a 2nd round pic and the Dolphins 1st in 2021 in a trade
  9. To pass on Chase Young, we would need a crazy demand on Tua and we get an RG3 like haul 3 first + maybe a second, anything less is not worth passing on Chase imo
  10. he got ejected because he spit on the guy
  11. Rigondeaux took Donaire to school that night. That was nothing short of a boxing lesson. Just because he doesn't put on a Figueroa-Awarkawa every time out and doesn't take endless punishment, def shouldn't put him in the "boring" category. But I guess if you're looking for action-packed brawls with little to no defense than Rigo is not your guy. So do you think Ward, Marquez and Mayweather too are like watching paint dry? Rigondeaux took zero risk against Donaire and Im sorry but fighting a one tap and go style looking for a decision victory at the start of the fight is not going to
  12. dude you watched the Donaire, Rigondeaux fight right? Where Rigondeaux only threw one light pitty pat punch at a time and ran away as the crowd booed him out of the building? Love boxing but his style is beyond boring.
  13. I love boxing but there is no way I would watch Rigondeaux, His tap and run style of boxing is like watching paint dry.
  14. The Fix was in for sure Vegas had Mares 2-1, I guess they couldn't let Agbeko win Never seen a fighter get screwed that blatantly before
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