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After the Blast.......... ES Summer blast thread


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Hahaha... not really.

Was I really too far out of it to think that unsonny was that stupid? Honestly? ;)

There were other ways it could have gone...just didn't really like the "i'm cool and have witty retorts; here's some graemlins to show it."

Oh well, life goes on. No biggie.

p.s. - unsonny, I was thinking more of a Sin City photoshop, if you know what I mean. ;)

thats funny you shoud say - "just didnt like the "i'm cool and have witty retorts"

cuz thats why i responded the way i did :laugh: :laugh:

itsallgood :cheers:

.......and The Sin City pole dance would have been perfect.....i was in a hurry there, when i did that....thought rockster was thinking the same thing...didnt want him to beat me to the punch

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Just a heads up to those of you that went to Hershey and enjoyed it, in Thursday's paper, it was announced that Hersheypark is expanding. It will be called The Boardwalk and will sit on 4.6 acres. It will have 5 new rides, 11 food venues, 6 games and retail outlets. The flagship of the expansion will be the East Coast Waterworks, a 25,000-square-foot structure. It will be 8 stories high with 300 interactive water toys, slides and 2 tipping buckets. Other rides will be the waverider for surfing and Bayside Pier for tubing with gentle waves. There will be hundreds of lounge chairs for relaxing as well. Sandcastle Cove is a giant sandcastle with waterslides, water cannons, and a wading pool. Coastline plunge will have 5 larger water slides.

Canyon River Rapids and Tidal Force will become part of that section and there will be no additional charge to get into that part of the park. Memorial Day weekend 2007 is the expected opening for the expansion. 2007 will also be the 100th anniversary for Hersheypark.

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