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The all-time "Face" of each NFL Franchise


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NFC East

Washington - Joe Gibbs

Dallas - Tom Landry

N.Y. - Lawrence Taylor

Philly - Reggie White

NFC North

Chicago - Walter Payton

Detroit - Barry Sanders

Green Bay - Vince Lombardi

Minnesota - Fran Tarkenton

NFC South

New Orleans - I guess Archie Manning

Tampa Bay - Leeroy Selmon

Atlanta - Andre Rison

Carolina - Jake Delhomme

NFC West

San Fran - Jerry Rice

Seattle - Steve Largent

Rams - Marshall Faulk

Arizona - Jim Hart

AFC East

New England - Bill Belichick

Miami - Dan Marino

Buffalo - OJ Simpson

N.Y. - Joe Namath

AFC North

Pittsburgh - Terry Bradshaw

Ravens - Ray Lewis

Cincy - Boomer Esiason

Cleveland - Jim Brown

AFC South

Texans - Dominic Davis ??

Colts - Manning

Jacksonville - Jimmy Smith

Oilers/Titans - Warren Moon

AFC West

Denver - John Elway

Kansas City - Hank Stram

Raiders - Al Davis

San Diego - Dan Fouts

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My list (players only)

Redskins - Darrell Green

Cowboys - Troy Aikman over Staubach by virtue of the 3 rings

Eagles - Randall Cunningham, because some of White's best days were in Green Bay

Giants - Lawerence Taylor

Vikings - Fran Tarkenton

Packers - Brett Favre

Bears - Dick Butkus; I'd love to say Sweetness, but the face of the Bears has to be a defensive player

Lions - Barry Sanders

Saints - Archie Manning for now, perhaps Reggie Bush soon?

Buccaneers - Warren Sapp

Falcons - Michael Vick

Panthers - Jake Delhomme for now, Julius Peppers in a couple seasons

49ers - Jerry Rice

Rams (St. Louis) - Marshall Faulk

Rams (Los Angeles) - Deacon Jones by a hair over Dickerson, who played too many years on other teams

Seahawks - Steve Largent

Cardinals (Arizona) - ummmm, Larry Centers?

Cardinals (St. Louis) - Dan Dierdorf (and you wonder why they had to move...)

Cardinals (Chicago) - Night Train Lane

Patriots - Tom Brady

Bills - Bruce Smith (very tough - a lot of good choices from those 4 SB teams - Kelly, Thomas - as well as OJ)

Jets - Broadway Joe

Dolphins - Dan Marino

Steelers - Mean Joe Green

Ravens - Ray Lewis

Browns - Jim Brown

Bengals - Boomer Esiason for now, Carson Palmer shortly

Colts (Indianapolis) - Peyton Manning

Colts (Baltimore) - Johnny Unitas

Jaguars - Jimmy Smith for now, but I've got Leftwich passing him soon

Texans - David Carr, lying flat on his back (although I'm tempted to put Mario Williams here)

Titans - Steve McNair

Oilers - Warren Moon

Raiders (Oakland) - Fred Biletnikoff

Raiders (Los Angeles) - Marcus Allen

Broncos - John Elway

Chiefs - Len Dawson

Chargers - Dan Fouts

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When I was making my list I was trying to not let the "present day" influence any of my picks. After reading some of the responses, and thinking about my list while cutting my grass today, I want to make some comments and ask a few questions....

Philly - This one was a tough choice for me. I actually did contemplate Reggie White, Vermiel, Jaws and Bednarik as some other posters have mentioned. However, when I think of Reggie White, I think of Green Bay and the SB he helped them win. And I wasn't really sure how "important" Vermiel, Jaws, and Bednarik were to the city of Philadelphia. It's probably due to my age, but I think McNabb is right up there as the "Face" of the Eagles, especially with the success he has brought the team the past 5 or so years. I would love for one of our resident Eagles fans to add their perspective...

Atlanta - I figured people would mention Vick, but I think that is just due to his popularity right now. I actually thought about Jamal Anderson, but he wasn't there very long at all. I'll have to defer to you guys on this one.

Carolina - I'm sticking by my choice of Mills over Delhomme, Smith, etc.

Rams - I was considering both Faulk and Dickerson here, but I think Deacon Jones is the better choice. Dickerson is close though...

Cardinals - I should have labeled it "Cardinals" instead of "Arizona" as I specifically wanted to include the St. Louis and Chicago incarnations as well. That's why I decided to use the labels of "Rams", "Colts," etc. for the other teams that have had multiple homes. Anyway, I definately agree with the members that have Bidwell for their selection. I was considering Aeneas Williams and Pat Tillman, but that franchise has been sorry for so long due to Bidwell. He is the choice.

Buffalo - I totally forgot about Bruce Smith. He is right up there as well. This is a tough team to pick for...

Cincy - I was surprised at the lack of support for Boomer here. I did consider Munoz too but decided against it. I'm not very knowledgable on Ken Anderson, maybe someone could fill me in.

Texans - After thinking about this more, it probably is David Carr for now. I was going to use the "lying flat on his back" joke, but I see I'm too late. :laugh:

Jacksonville - Again, after thinking about this more, I agree with everyone that says Jimmy Smith. I do think that Brunell is very close, but Boselli wasn't around long enough imho.

Oilers/Titans - I have to stick with Moon here. I haven't seen much film or read much anything about Earl Campbell, but I do know that he was a stud back in the day. I would love to hear why those of you that picked Campbell think he is a better choice than Moon.

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Only included those that had some edits to...

Washington - Joe Gibbs, Darrell Green

N.Y. - Tiki

Philly - Randall Cunningham

Chicago - Mike Ditka

Green Bay - Brett Favre

Atlanta - Vick

Carolina - Started with Kevin Greene, but I think Smith has it now.

Arizona - Larry Centers or Tillman. I hope the Cards play Tillman up, not for publicity's sake, but so none of us ever forget.

New England - Brady / Belichick

Buffalo - Levy

Pittsburgh - Cowher

Texans - Carr (on his back)

Jacksonville - Jimmy Smith

Oilers/Titans - Warren Moon

Kansas City - Tony Gonzales

Raiders - Howie Long

San Diego - Junior Seau (LaDanian Tomlinson if he has a few more years of greatness)

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Players Only

NFC East

Washington - Sonny J.

Dallas - Emmit Smith

N.Y. - LT

Philly - Cunningham

NFC North

Chicago - Walter Payton

Detroit - Barry Sanders

Green Bay - Farve

Minnesota - Tarkenton

NFC South

New Orleans - Archie Manning

Tampa Bay - Derrick Brooks

Atlanta - Michael Vick

Carolina - Sam Mills

NFC West

San Fran - Montana

Seattle - Largent

Rams - Evertt

Arizona - Tillman

AFC East

New England - Brady

Miami - Marino

Buffalo - OJ

N.Y. - Namath

AFC North

Pittsburgh - Bradshaw

Ravens - Ray Lewis

Cincy - Boomer

Cleveland - Jim Brown

AFC South

Texans - Carr

Colts - Unitas

Jacksonville - Brunell

Oilers/Titans - Moon

AFC West

Denver - Elway

Kansas City - Dawson

Raiders - Bo Jackson

San Diego - Fouts

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