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$500 dollars to the first mod to close this thread.

Big Weirdo

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Everyone is leaving. They have lives. Last night I was tending to my pastries (out of context thread for all of you lurking) and then I kind of sort of um yeah got tired. And went to bed. :D
lol obviously everyone has lives....i left at 1....but some of them stayed till like 4 again....
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i am holding this thread ransom. if you don't leave me $1 in an unmarked paper bag in the stadium, i will cut this thread apart and pm it to you piece by piece until my demands are met.

Sorry, we don't negotiate with hostage takers...do your worst!


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Is it safe to assume that I'm part of the AHFB? Because if not, I'll kill you all! :laugh:
well there's 8 of us officially.......
Whats that? You want me to change the thread title to Roy Williams is awesome????
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i'll never talk to u again
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A NEW thread? :laugh:

Did y'all get your peepees spanked for hijacking like Maj and rince did?

Well, Ill be in and out all night I'm sure! :cool:

HEY!! The only spanking going on was between me and Major's mom - and I assure you I was not on the receiving end. :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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