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$500 dollars to the first mod to close this thread.

Big Weirdo

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I think Marion should be a part of the AHFB.

Anyone else should have to go through an initiation. Kind of like how you get 'jumped in' when you are joining a gang.

Only, we have to Roast them. Crack jokes do whatever, aslong as it is along the lines of the ES rules. No instigating fights-- just all in fun. :D

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I didn't... what was all that about?

Sigh...darned role reversal.

he says that he has a friend who has access to 10-15 tickets to every Skins game...though they might be being used already in some cases... we have been working on getting him to hook us all up with some.

To find out more, ask him... :)

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Actually - i take pride in being part of both groups (because we all know why my mom's name is up there - well, except for moleST). ;)

well, you guys are a bunch of flaming rainbow warriors.

except meetST.

gosh...i feel so special! thanks for isolating me from the rest of those freaks :rolleyes:

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You guys know who you are. Now we have this instead of hi-jacking the Random Thought thread. Who knew that was possible?

Can't believe you didn't include me in the after hours club, WD. You sonofa****. :finger:

:laugh: I think that is a good thing, actually....:laugh:

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