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$500 dollars to the first mod to close this thread.

Big Weirdo

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You guys know who you are. Now we have this instead of hi-jacking the Random Thought thread. Who knew that was possible?


moleST (meetST)

King of Yesterday (visionary)

Birdpoop (theRealJBird)

Calvin Klein (kevinklein)

Apotheocop (Enter Apotheosis)

rince's mom (actual rince's mother. She is an honorary member.)

Desperatoooooo (praise_gibbs)

georgiaskins (georgiaredskin)

Preperation Double H (honorary_hog)

loverboy (Mr. Pinstripe)

S&M (Sweet Sassy Molassy)

that Iggle (Who Del)

Everyone is welcome in this thread. This is an all inclusive club. The above members are founding members and should be treated with the utmost respect. Or else we'll, well, do nothing about it since we don't have mod powers like we did on the other "AHFB" board. Seriously though. You're all welcome to post here. Enjoy! :cheers:

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As long as no one mentions how that name came about... If I end up making it to the game I am not sitting next to who del. :D;) I call a meetST seat. :laugh:
ooooooooooo kk!! if u get us those tickets...i'll sit by u as long as u want me to
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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