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Randel El Jerseys now Officaly Available


Should Who Del go.....  

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  1. 1. Should Who Del go.....

    • Yes, and take HH's Goat with you......
    • no, but I'd like my copy of GGW back.....
    • no, but he does owe me money
    • no, he's cool

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My bad, I didn't look at the 3rd page where it says about them being offical

that's why there is the search button on the top of the page that finds the threads for you. :)

Just letting you know!

But yea, i might have to get a #82 Randle-El jersey. I need a new on anyway. Since i can't find a mithell and ness doug williams throwback, i might have to get a current player. :notworthy

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Before I will buy his jersey, or any other free agent's jersey for that matter, Randel El is going to have to show me some plays in a Washington Redskins uniform. All that he's done in the past doesn't mean squat, that was for another team. I would buy Washington, Portis, Moss, and Cooley's Jerseys before Randel El's at this point. They are proven in a Redskins uniform. Randel El has to be a proven contributor to the team before I'll advertise for him.

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That Santana ProBowl jersey is viscious. I've been hyping it for some time now and I bet you all have seen it. Being that there are only the traditional white, burgundy, and dark burgundy throwbacks (select vintage players available with the spear at Redskins stores everywhere) the ProBowl makes something fairly unique and representing Santana who I know we can all recognize his achievements last season.

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