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Eagles to sign TE Schobel


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Eagles | Team to sign Schobel

Sat, 11 Mar 2006 11:25:25 -0800

Mark Curnutte, of the Cincinnati Enquirer, reports a source told the Enquirer free agent TE Matt Schobel (Bengals) will sign an undisclosed contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Schobel played four seasons with the Bengals.

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Out comes the big money!

This is just the Eagles continuing to implement their vaunted cap saving strategy. You know, the one where the Eagles spend to their cap every year but when the new cap figures come out for the following year and the Eagles aren't right up against it.

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Here you go.


Full Name: Matthew Thomas Schobel

Born: November 4, 1978 Columbus, TX

Height: 6-5

Weight: 255 lbs.

Age: 27

Pos: TE

Experience: 4 years

College: TCU

Drafted: Year:2002 Round:3 Pick:2, Bengals

Insider Analysis Grade69Expert's TakeSchobel listed as Cincinnati's No. 2 tight end. He has a good combination of size, speed and athletic ability. He is primarily their pass-catching tight end, and he will come in on three-receiver sub package. He will line up on the line of scrimmage or in the backfield as an H-back. He is a fluid athlete who has good initial quickness, agility and balance. He has reliable hands, will catch the ball away from his body and , will make the tough catch over the middle and in a crowd. He does a good job of shielding off defenders with his body. He is a good route-runner, is quick coming in and out of his breaks and has the speed to stretch the secondary. He has a good knack for finding the open area in the zone. However, Schobel is a liability in the run game and is a lot better receiver than he is a run blocker. He does not have good upper- or lower-body strength, he comes off the ball too high, lacks explosion at contact and gets stuffed at the point of attack or gets knocked off his feet. He is a better space blocker than an in-line blocker and does a decent job of getting to linebackers at the second level. Overall, Schobel is a little one-dimensional and needs to improve his run blocking. However, he is a threat in the passing game because of his speed, and that, along with his age and overall athletic ability, gives him a lot of upside.

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Thanks PCS.


Why did we sign another pass-catching TE? We need someone who can run block! For god's sake!!!!

That would mean that Reid would actually run the ball. I would have thought that if you guys signed Bentley it would signify a philosphy switch but I wouldn't hold my breath yet.

Butttt it's still very early.

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The hope was the men upstairs adjusted their philosophy after this season, evidenced by signing the best C in football.

By signing a pass catching tight end instead, it may send a different message.

Steve Hutchinson please.

Maybe, except Hutch has been slapped with the transition tag.

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