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A LaVar Farewell

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Arguably the greatest Redskin on and off the field since Darrell Green, LaVar Arrington was recently released by the disloyal ****s in the front office (Joe "I love worthless QBs" Gibbs, Greg "I just blitz everyone and cross my fingers" Williams, Dale "I'm just a big ****ing idiot that sucks off Williams for a job" Lindsey, and Dan "I throw money around and stab good men in the back" Snyder). So hopefully this will answer all your false accusations...

Call him over the hill: Once dubbed "The Headhunter," LaVar recently posted a 4.53 40-yard-dash time during his rehab, one week before he was released

Call him overrated: He single-handedly ended the career of recent hall of fame inductee and hated Dallas Cowboy, Troy Aikman and his intimidating play drew comparison only to the great Lawrence Taylor

Call him overpaid: Mark Brunell is currently the second highest paid player on the roster... yes that Brunell, the limpdick quarterback that contributed NOTHING in the playoffs

Argue his worth to the team: The Redskins' defense currently has NO pass rushers except for an overrated punk safety that is going to jail for 46 years

Call him greedy: He agreed to restructure his contract 3 different times in his 6 year career, forfeited a guaranteed $6 million bonus, and recently bought out his contract to help the Redskins' cap situation

Call him selfish: He outlasted six different defensive coaches, faced position changes each off-season, and still made it to 3 straight pro bowls

Call him unreliable: LaVar started in ALL BUT 2 games in 4 seasons in Washington and registered 334 tackles, 22 sacks and 10 fumbles forced.

...One thing is for sure; wherever the great linebacker (that gave Redskins fans something to root for when we had nothing) ends up, true Redskins fans will keep cheering for old #56.


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