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The Offical Thank You Mods Thread

doggface gremlin

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I want to say thank you to all the Mods. You guys have cleaned up the boards and restored some kind of peace after all of the CBA and Lavar Arrington threads, so I wanted to say thanks.

I searched and didnt see a Thread thanking the Mods , hell if theirs one for Paul Tags then their should be one for the Mods.

Thanks for restoring a little order!!!:cheers: :helmet:

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I think we should all buy 'em either a shot of liquor or a beer.

Up to you Mods, what's your pleasure?


Honestly? Just to have the community come together a bit, and realize that how this place ultimately runs is not about the Mods, but about the community itself. We are who we are. As a group, we can make this place anything we want it to be. Only a matter of what that is.

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