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I almost never start a new thread because usually, there's already one going about whatever I'm thinking, sometimes two or three...but having to listen to the media go on and on about the CBA or lack there of and all the Skins haters bringing up "Salary Cap Hell" seems to be bringing everybody down. At least me anyways. So you know what I do every time I'm feeling a little down, or just need a Redskins fix? Replay this little gem, now available at YouTube.com


SkinsFanatic should win an oscar for this video, its a timeless classic. I just watched it again for the first time in about a month and it gave me chills. For anyone who hasn't yet seen it, it is a must watch for any Redskins fan, or Cowboys fan for that matter.

Some of my favorite scenes are Meshawn exploding into a profanity laced tirade when their kicker misses a field goal, then cowaring in fear and flinching away from the ball as Marcus Washington flies by him and lets everyone know what a little baby he is. Lets not forget Terry Glenn slowing up in utter fear of Sean Taylor, I swear he says "boo" and she jumps...that's exactaly how you get the nickname "she" from your head coach. Marcus's but slap of the ref is priceless, the guy is having the time of his life in that game. How bout Ladell Betts almost breaking Terrance Newman in half when he turns his back on the ball...damn, that looks like it hurts. Captian Chaos going off for three TDs...CP's MC Hammer impersonation, now that's what I call style. But the best part of the whole movie? I'd say its probably a tie between the 3 second clip of Coach Gibbs' face with a look of utter satisfaction...or the sleeping cowboy fan. What a slob, hahaha.

Anyways guys, I'm sure I'm getting carried away with this one, but I'll never be able to thank SkinsFanatic enough for this video, its like a drug, instant happiness. Look out for the Skins in 06 boys....that game was just a taste of what Gibbs and the "over the hill gang" have in store for us next year. HAIL! :logo: :notworthy

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its been saved on my desktop. i watch it at least twice a week. count me in for an oscar vote for skinsfanatic.

interesting to see roy williams laughing on the sidelines with the score something like 35-0. guess sometimes it hurts so bad, ya gotta laugh.

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