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Dream Theater concerts, anyone going?


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I know there are a few Dream Theater fans on this site and I was wondering if anyone other than myself is going to see them this year in their 20th Anniversary tour? I just spent a small fortune on tickets to see them at Radio City Music Hall in NYC for the "Official 20th Anniversary Concert" and tour grand finale. They are filming it for a concert dvd and cd.

Anyone else going?

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I wish I were. They arent coming anywhere close to VA, the Philly date doesnt work for me due to school, and I totally dropped the ball on getting tickets for the Radio City show, that one would have been sweet. Sucks too, cause I really wanted to go, oh well, they will tour again. It is guaranteed they will release some more albums as they are only done with steps 1-7 of the alcohol recovery concept.

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Only if they're planning to bring in Tony Levin and do at least one set of LTE stuff. :)

Did enjoy them opening for Yes last year at Nissan Pavillion, however. Great show.

I saw that tour here in PA and it was excellent. Only problem with seeing them as an opening act is that their songs are so long that they don't get to perform many. As a headliner they play for over 3 hours. This should be especially cool with them filming it, last night of tour, in their hometown. Oh yeah, also, 9th row seats.

BTW, LTE is outstanding. Not that many people like instrumentals, but it works for me.

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