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Just Met Some Redskins at Dinner!


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2 weeks ago it was Rod Smith at the Denver airport...tonight I met some nfl superstars. I went out to eat at Swee****er in Falls Church with the old lady and looked across the restaurant. Who else did I see but Clinton Portis, Jevon Kearse, Edge, and some other large black male?!?!

So I'm not usually the obnoxious guy, but this was too good to play cool and I had a couple glasses of wine in me. I go up to their table, unbutton my thomas pink dress shirt and flash cp the t-shirt of him I am wearing underneath. He started laughing and said "this dude's too cool...sit for a second and have a drink with us!"

I called my wife over and kicked it with the three Florida boys for about an hour. We laughed, I got several autographs from each, and told Jevon he's cool with me even though he's an Iggle. Edge is the man...he was babbling some ebonics, but kept saying how he wouldn't mind splitting carries with cp in our backfield. Jevon was joking how the Eagles are gonna suck next year and they all clowned TO.

Clinton got my number and said he's having a party next week and invited me! I told him I would be out of town, to keep up the good work, and that he's my second favorite running back ever...next to Walter Payton. I told Edge "my bad."

We were sitting in the back so nobody bothered us and the other big male with them didn't say much...I thought he was a body guard, but he kept throwing back drinks so I doubt it. I'll post some pics of the whole thing later-

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dude if thats true why in the hell would u pass up that party. There will have the best drinks and weed money can buy. haha, u think im joking but im not. That other black male i think u r talkin about is an olineman that came out of miami, id look up his name right now but thats to much work.

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