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The all "U" team (many other universities added)


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For purposes of NCAA Football 2006, I created my all "U" team. Anyone who wants to do the same for another university please do. We can compare the universities to each other. Let me know if you think I left anyone out as well.


Jim Kelly

Bernie Kosar


Clinton Portis

Edge James


Najeh Davenport


Santana Moss

Reggie Wayne

Michael Irvin

Andre Johnson


Jeremy Shockey

Kellen Winslow


Vernon Carey

Bryant McKinnie

Jim Otto

Chris Meyers


Jerome Brown

Ted Hendricks


Warren Sapp

Cortez Kennedy

Russell Maryland


Ray Lewis

Dan Morgan

Jonathon Vilma

Jessie Armstead


Ed Reed

Sean Taylor

Antrelle Rolle

Phillip Buchanon

Bennie Blades


Jeff Feagles

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I would swap Winslow out and put in Franks for sure.

Tough call:

Stats at Miami:

Bubba: 77 receptions for 1,038 yards, 12 tds

Winslow: 119 receptions for 1,365 yards , 9 tds

Shockey: 61 receptions for 815 yard, 10 tds

As for the NFL, Shockey has definately had the best nfl career thus far. Bubba's nfl career has been up and down and well Winslow's nfl career has yet to be seen.

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You know, Pitt could make a run at this.

QB: Dan Marino

RB: Tony Dorsett

RB: Curtis Martin

FB: Craig Heyward

T: Bill Fralic

G: Mark May

C: Mark Stepnoski

G: Russ Grimm

T: Jim Covert

WR: Antonio Bryant

WR: Larry Fitzgerald

K: Dave Trout

DE: Hugh Green

DT: Tony Siragusa

DT: Sean Gilbert

DT: Bill Maas

DE: Chris Doleman

ILB: Jerry Olslavksy

CB: Tim Lewis

CB: Steve Israel

S: Carlton Williamson

S: Anthony Dorsett

I need help on the linebackers. Did Rickey Jackson play for Pitt or am I crazy?

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Here's a few you've left off:

Leon Searcy T

Kenard Lang DE

Darrin Smith LB

Bubba McDowell DB

Vinny Testaverde QB

Kevin Fagan DT

Eddie Brown WR

Ottis Anderson RB

Rubin Carter DT

Chuck Foreman RB

because none of them are really good. well, maybe searcy and MAYBE anderson...

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Penn State

QB: Kerry Collins

Todd Blackledge

RB: Curt Warner

Franco Harris

Lydell Mitchell

John Capelletti

Curtis Enis

DJ Dozier

FB: Jon Whitman

Sam Gash

Richie Anderson

WR: Bobby Engram

Kenny Jackson

Joe Jurevicious

OJ McDuffie

TE: Kyle Brady

T Bill Dugan

G Marco Rivera

C Jeff Hartings

G Mike Munchak

G Dave Szott

T Kareem MacKenzie

DE: Brad Scioli

DE: Courtney Brown

DT: Mike Reid

DT: Tim Johnson

LB: Jack Ham

LB: Shane Conlan

LB: Matt Millen

LB: Lavar Arrington

LB: Brandon Short

LB: Andre Collins

S: Darren Perry

S: Kim Herring

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the All "VA Tech" Team


Bob Schweickert 1963

Mike Vick


Henry "puss" Reed 1916


Hunter Carpenter 1900-1905

Hank Crisp 1918 (one handed RB)

Frank Peake 1925-1928 "the pony express"

Cyrus Lawrence

Lee Suggs

Kevin Jones

Mike Imoh

Cedric Humes


Ernest Wilford

Antonio Freeman

Andre Davis


Carroll Dale TE & DE

Mike Shaw

Jeff King


Bill Conaty

Travis Conway

Jake Grove

Todd Washington


Buzz Nutter 1950-54

Matt Lehr


George Preas 1950-54

Anthony Davis

Dave Kadela


Wally Browne

George Evans


Frank Loria


Keion Carpenter


Frank Beamer

Vincent Fuller

Kevin McCadam

Willie Pile

Pierson Prioleau

Nick Sorenson

Garnell Wilds

Eric Green


DeAngelo Hall

Jimmy Williams


William "monk" Younger 1916 "The Southern Panther"

Ben Taylor

Mikal Baaqee


Bruce Smith

Corey Moore

John Engelberger

Jim Davis

Daryl Tapp


Padro Phillips


Shayne Graham

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