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3 WR's to look at in the draft


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If we decide to draft a #2 WR instead of going after someone in FA we should take a look at these 3 guys. All 3 would compliment Moss and Patten with their size.

Hank Baskett


Martin Nance


Maurice Stovall


- I've had my eye on Stovall all season and I liked what I saw. He doesn't get a flattering review here but I think he can turn into a good pro WR.

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I have seen Baskett play live numerous times here at UNM, and I have been thinking for some time that this guy might be a good fit for the skins. Maybe not right out the gates, but he is the type of reciever we need to compliment Moss. He is a big physical guy who can make blocks and take big hits. The guy has some major hops too. I don't know how many times our QB would just toss a jump ball into the end zone and this guy would go up and grab it. Great hands, great attitude, this guy will be a good receiver in the NFL wherever he goes.

P.S. We got robbed of a bowl game :mad:

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We should save draft picks for D and O lineman. Look at the stats and you will see that only a handful of first round drafted WRs have made huge impacts. I mean damn, Steve Smith was a THIRD round pick. Gibbs knows this, he will go for line stability and pick up a nice experienced FA wideout.

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