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What's everyone's record predicting games in the playoffs?

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I must confess that I'm 7-1 in the pool on an Australian Football BB.

Don't be hatin', but I went with my head, as opposed to my heart, and picked the 'Hawks to win. I missed out on the Colts, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

I'll have to make a change to next weeks picks as I chose Carolina before finding out about DeShaun Foster breaking his ankle, and I gone for Denver in the AFC, solely because they are at home.

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Well i picked washington to win against the bucs, but i also picked the Giants to beat the Panthers. I picked Jax to lose and I picked the steelers to win.

I also picked Denver to win over NE, then I picked us over seattle. I picked Chicago but they lost. Believe it or not i picke the steelers over the colts (just because i don;t like peyton).

So im 5-3 so far.

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