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  1. The Batman

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    I'm a lifelong Game****s fan and I can tell you that DJ was the heart and soul of our defensive identity. When he left, the play of everyone around him went down, even some of the same players, because he wasn't there to motivate and inspire. His attitude is infectious. He sets the tone, and we would do well to lock him up for years to come. Edit: Thanks, chat filter. So proud to be a Game****s alum right now. Gonna update my resume.
  2. The Batman

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    He looks so much like Eddie Murphy to me in this thumbnail
  3. The Batman

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Further, if we cut Stacy McGee that number grows by 2.5m. Mason Foster would save us 2m. Scherff, according to the calculator, is owed 12.5m next year so extending him could save us some scratch (for comparison, Moses, who has been extended already, costs us 6.9m against the cap in 2019). Kerrigan signed a 5 year extension 3 years ago and may also be a candidate for a contract rework, costing us 10.5m against the cap next year. I feel like the numbers are workable, but I'd hate to see us develop some defensive cohesion and then let it slip away just for a half season. If HaHa is the player he can be based on potential across the back half of this season, I'd rather have him than Crowder or Smith or Lauvao, but that's just me. Edit: We could also restructure and convert some of Alex Smith's bonus for next year which would free up 10m. Not sure if that's smart or even possible, but with Schaeffer in the booth I kind of feel like we can find the money we need. I guess my question is does anyone know if that's in the cards or not, i.e. are they going into this determined to let him walk or are they going to consider extending him?
  4. The Batman

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    What's with the sentiment that he won't be here for more than these 8 games? I know the compensatory pick formula and all that, but it seems like a 25 year old former 1st round FS, if he plays well, should definitely be a target for us, and he seems to already have chemistry with DJ and hopefully with the Bama grads on the team as well. I think we have around 17m in cap room as of right now for next year, is there any reason we wouldn't try to extend him?
  5. The Batman

    Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    True enough. If I was Kirk though I wouldn’t sign any kind of tag if going to the Browns was a part of the deal. Think I’d just take a sabbatical year and count my 45m hahaha
  6. Is there any reason that the FO can’t do some semi back channel negotiation with teams to gauge interest before slapping the tag on Kirk? We have a few weeks, right?
  7. The Batman

    Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    Do we know if this is basically just an exclusive rights deal on his scouting service or is he a full blown employee? Any terms of the deal? Just curious what they do with him. Also is he still being paid by us or is that being determined by the grievance settlement?
  8. The Batman

    The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    You are capable of coming up with pretty funny arguments. Nice alliterative nicknames, too. Really puts that extra authentic garnish on your point. Side career in comedy? So we agree on the first part, his philosophy originally being ridiculous. Bruce’s PHILOSOPHY isn’t to build a “no talent team” and try to “squeak into the playoffs”. Bruce, I think, has shown a philosophy of building a roster and not overpaying any individual players. His philosophy is likely to build a contender, hence the FA and draft moves to focus on the lines. Here’s the problem, and what some posters in this thread seem totally unwilling to connect - HE IS NOT GOOD AT IT. He is trying, and so far not succeeding, to build a team that can contend and have long term success. His philosophy is clearly different than that used by Snyder early on, he’s just not executing it well. Also what is it you “particularly like” about that argument? It’s depressing, but at least it’s a little different. Think of this, though, as you would a college team for a moment. What Snyder did before is like hiring a coach who can’t recruit in college. He will maybe have a few good seasons, but when he leaves, your roster is a joke and your facilities lag behind. Now consider a coach who is decent at recruiting but a bad game day coach. You won’t win much, but when he leaves, the cupboard won’t be so bare. When Bruce leaves this team, even if he does it right now, the roster and cap will be in far better shape than when he got here and even though his tenure will have been disappointing, his philosophy, however poorly executed, will leave us in better shape than Vinny did for the next guy to hopefully build upon. That is at least the silver lining of having a GM who, though bad, isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel in a horrible way like Snyder/Vinny did. That’s all I’m saying.
  9. The Batman

    The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    I understand your premise just fine. I just think you’re wrong. Dead wrong. You do understand you can just have an incorrect opinion without anyone who disagrees with you being an idiot, right? Most people interpret new evidence that contradicts their opinion and either integrate it or reject it on its merits. You have chosen option C - ignore it outright and call the other person a moron. Effective, but doesn’t make you any less wrong. Snyder had a strategy, it was just an awful one, one that ran counter to what he actually wanted given the things required to execute it, as I enumerated and you ignored outright in my previous post. You offered no evidence to support your point nor refute mine all while making a sarcastic, overdone response. I hope you don’t decide to substitute being an ******* for “explaining” things to people in your everyday life. It’s definitely easier to ad hominem someone than defend your dumb point, so good day sir to you as well. Let me know how much I owe you for the few minutes of your precious time. Send the invoice and I’ll file it under I can’t make a coherent point or respond to critiques without getting butthurt.
  10. The Batman

    The Sycophants of Smith (Merged & M.E.T.)

    Dude, that’s got nothing on the Jason Campbell/anyone else Agenda Boyz fights from back in the day. Scorched earth, I’m telling you.
  11. How does that not apply to the Chiefs players who are lamenting Smith leaving? Wouldn’t that make Mahomes feel bad and that he doesn’t have the confidence of his teammates? I’m just saying it cuts both ways, the situation is almost the same, and it’s not stopping Chiefs players.
  12. The Batman

    The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    I’m not really sure where to start with this, but I’ll try. You realize there is a difference between saying you want to win a super bowl and saying you want to win one this year and every year, right? One is pragmatic and optimistic and the other is what a child would say. And are you seriously suggesting his GOAL in spending 100m of his money was to just win 9 games? It was a bad idea and didn’t help him reach his goal of a SB THAT year, but come on. That makes no sense. Snyder’s management style has been critiqued over and over again by an emphasis on winning NOW. He has made mistake after mistake after mistake trying to win NOW. To win the Super Bowl NOW. This year. Ever heard the term “win-now mode”? That’s what it means. It means not trying to build a consistent contender, but pushing all your chips in on this season, long term roster consequences be damned. Forgoing cap management, roster cohesiveness, anything else for big splashy free agents that will help us win a SB THIS SEASON rather than any in the future. You know, like the Broncos after Elway, when cap hell made them irrelevant for years. Or when they signed Peyton. That was a WIN NOW move, not one for long term building of a contender. Snyder has always perceived us to be in a closing window and made moves to try to desperately take advantage before it closes, never realizing that we weren’t in the window in the first place. Ironically you made my point talking about win now quick fix moves. That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying. Somehow you’re saying that he made quick fix, win now moves that compromised the future so that he could just win 9 games every year. That makes no sense. I have to think you’re being intentionally dense on this. His biggest early flaw was that he was trying to make moves only to win a SB NOW with no consideration for the future of the team. If he’s trying to consistently win 9 games now, then he wouldn’t give out massive contracts to over the hill free agents that are the kind of move a SB contender 1 piece away does. Like we haven’t really since Bruce got here. I’m not saying Bruce is right and old Snyder was wrong, but it is DIFFERENT. You have to see that, regardless of your sardonic rant.
  13. The Batman

    The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    Well, excuse me for posting on a message board. Didn’t realize there was a per thread post limit. My bad. Also, I understand the premise just fine. I just think it’s very very silly that some people are claiming that a trade for Alex Smith is going to sell tickets. That makes no sense. There were a million other flashier options for ticket sales than trading for a 34 year old QB who has been called a game manager everywhere he’s been. Also, rookie QBs can actually extend a GMs job often as he points to that QBs development as a reason to stay on, whereas a move for an Alex Smith puts the heat on to win and win now if your job is on the line because there is no development or growth to fall back on all while not having the exciting unknown rookie’s potential to use for ticket sales. Thanks for talking down to me, but I just think out of all the arguments why the Redskins traded for Alex Smith, ticket sales (which you mentioned in the post I quoted before explaining yourself in a way that did not at all sound like what you posted first) may be the dumbest. Acquiring Alex Smith, ironically, enables them to do exactly what you said they should have done with RG3. Draft a guy and let him develop. If they do that, and I hope they do, this move retroactively becomes one to build a contender. Also regarding your point about them being content with 9-7, no, they haven’t. Snyder’s introductory press conference said he wanted to win the Super Bowl EVERY YEAR. So many management decisions in his first decade plus of ownership were built upon winning the Super Bowl THAT YEAR. Not building a team that could consistently make the playoffs. Your premise is flawed. If that’s the strategy they’re taking, it is not what they’ve done in years past.
  14. The Batman

    The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    What would trading him have done to our cap this year? Not sure I’ve seen any figures on his cap hit. Maybe that factored in? Ive also read that part of the reason they preferred Fuller to Talib in the Broncos offer was that Fuller was on a rookie deal so I think you’re right about the Chiefs not feeling like paying that.
  15. The Batman

    The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    I’m also slightly confused by this notion that trading for Alex Smith is going to sell tickets like gang busters. You want to sell tickets? Trade up high into the first and draft a QB. That gets rears in seats. What does Alex Smith have to do with ticket sales? He might be the least sexy competent QB in the NFL. It feels like this argument just uses an artifact from the past that we are reflexively used to using, that we did something to make a splash, when in reality there’s very little splashy about Alex Smith.