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  1. To be honest, based on an extremely cursory review of your posting history I'm not sure what we would disagree on, so I'm curious too haha
  2. Not so fast, big boy. You gotta READ to make me bleed
  3. Don't get me wrong - I don't think there's hope for him to change either. I just feel that he may not be beyond the reach of straight up manipulation. I maintain that if somehow, through some stroke of blind luck, Snyder got a real GM here who was actually good, he could potentially own a semi-winning team. His ceiling is not terribly low, but his floor certainly is. What is clear, however, is that telling him what to do directly or kissing his *** doesn't get the job done. I can't help but think about how incensed he was at the picture of himself with devil horns drawn on. How angry that made him. He was moved to act more by that than by anything else I can remember. I just want the fanbase (and the media, but I can't do much about that) to be smarter about how to approach him. I'll give an example of a terrible idea I had. Why don't we all change our avatars to the aforementioned devil horns Snyder picture? Then maybe someone can let Bleacher Report or Nate over at Barstool know that there's a massive movement to change avatars to this picture, they can get the story out? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. Get his eyes on something he hates, something he will be hell-bent to prove wrong. I'll join in now. I also really love your point about his peers laughing at him behind his back. He probably HATES that. Why don't we buy a billboard with Bruce Allen's record as GM on it, with a picture mocked up of Bruce Allen laughing behind Dan's back and saying "What a moron" and counting money? We all know he's laughing at him too. We just need to make him see it. I'm only being semi-facetious here. To that end, I think Gibbs probably realizes that he won't listen to just genuine advice and Joe is too good a person to try to do it via stone-cold manipulation. I think that not going to games is probably a good way to do it, but it has to be paired with a message. Someone besides Bruce Allen has to exploit Dan's tendencies, because as you mentioned, he isn't going anywhere. Why not us?
  4. I've been thinking a lot of late about the mind of our Glorious Leader - what makes him tick, his motivations, that sort of thing. Trying to synthesize all the different pieces of information about him that we have from insiders, from the media, and from our own observations of him as a person as well as of the on-field product. I've come up with a singular theme that I believe motivates him in all things he does, not just with the team but with his interactions with others. This is by no means a fresh or original idea, but I think if we really dive into it and consider the implications, it could be useful to us. Dan Snyder's singular, comprehensive, all-consuming motivation is his crippling insecurity. Insecurity often leads to having something to prove. It is this need to prove others wrong about him, merely a side effect of his need to prove himself wrong about himself, that shapes his every decision with the team. Let's start at the beginning. Dan Snyder purchases one of the most successful franchises in the NFL at the young age of 35. He bought the Redskins after the falling through of the team being passed to the son of the last owner. This disappointed many fans, and it embittered them towards anyone who would purchase the team that wasn't JKC's son. His age also undoubtedly made people skeptical of him. How could someone this young run a football team? His insecurities prey upon him here. He comes in knowing he's got a lot to prove and he HAS to make his doubters regret it, so he can silence that nagging voice that tells him he's not good enough to own a team. What could an owner do to prove everyone wrong when replacing someone who had presided over 3 Super Bowls? Why of course, it's to say that your goal is to win the Super Bowl every single year. One of his most ridiculed quotes, right from the beginning. His early decision making as an owner reflected this. Overspending on players past their primes because they are big names. Mortgaging the future and draft picks to acquire players he feels can help him win a Super Bowl every year, because if he doesn't, his insecurities were right. He was right about himself. He can't fill JKC's shoes unless he outdoes him, spectacularly. So for the first part of his ownership tenure, this is exactly what he does. But this problem only gets worse - not just because of his lack of success, even as he hires the most successful coach in Redskins history, but also because of his size. Dan Snyder is a small man. This has been theorized, psychologically, to contribute to tremendous insecurity in many people. However, the average person doesn't spend their entire lives surrounded by people who are in many cases freakishly large. If Dan feels self-conscious about his size, his surroundings will only make this worse. This is a constant visual reminder to Dan of his self-perceived inferiority, and one that cannot go away as a function of him surrounding himself with football players. This would readily explain his desire to make employees and players refer to him as "Mr. Snyder" - a way of introducing artificial constructs of superiority that can serve as a self-soothing mechanism for his small size. Employing these constructs can make him feel as though he's leveling the playing field between himself and those who are clearly physically superior to him, although to others who don't perceive his size to be the liability he does, it just seems as though he's being asinine (and he is). This size problem intertwines with his repeated failures in ownership, even as he hires two of the biggest legends in college and professional football coaching history, raising the volume of that nagging voice to a deafening roar as he realizes that everything he's touched, every decision he's made as an owner, every player signed and coach hired, has led to failure. He is the constant, and I think he knows it. The point of this little treatise, however, is to introduce the X-factor that has shaped his ownership perhaps even more than his perception of himself - the perception of Dan Snyder among fans and the media. It is undeniable that Snyder's ownership style has changed. Not necessarily for the better, mind you, but while losing and mediocrity have been constants, the method in which we get there has not been. In order to understand the reasons why, we must dive deeper into his insecurity. We have established that it exerts a powerful influence upon him, particularly early on in his ownership tenure. Chronic, severe insecurity is often accompanied by an inability to validate yourself. He are constantly feeling slighted, feeling as though you have to prove others wrong to prove himself wrong about the things you perceive are your shortcomings, because you cannot tell yourself that you are good enough, that you are worthwhile. You must receive external validation to silence the angry voice in your head that shouts about how unimportant you are (call me Mr. Snyder), how much of a failure you will be ("We're close!"), that you're doing a good job as owner (buying up multiple media outlets so all he has to hear is praise, increasing in direct proportion to the cumulative impact of his failures). Prior to his ownership of the Redskins, Dan never contended with receiving validation of fans and the media. It was always done by his business underlings, a practice we see continued today (surrounding himself with sycophants like Allen who will always tell him how good a job he's doing as owner as a function of how good the roster and culture are). After buying this team, the fans and media weighed in often - and although it took a long time and it seems like we didn't, we got inside his head. The evidence of this is all over this franchise. We used to overspend for every single FA we could. We gave the largest contract in history at the time to Albert Haynesworth. The running media narrative was that we try to buy a Super Bowl every single year. Now? Bruce Allen is too cheap to trade players in obvious circumstances (TW), to give contract extensions to players (Cousins), to get premium FAs at critical positions. Admittedly, that's Bruce's MO, but the narrative of Snyder interfering with the team can't be had both ways. If he wanted those players, he would force Bruce to get them, just like he allegedly forced RGIII/Haskins/whoever else on various coaching staffs. I think the logical conclusion is that he doesn't want them anymore. The critique of the Redskins' overspending ways for years through the media and through the fanbase got to him. Now, he feels compelled to prove us all wrong. That he DOESN'T overspend. We can also see this theme with his excessive patience with coaches and personnel who are not getting the job done. Early in his tenure, he was labeled as an impetuous, capricious owner who would fire staff at the drop of a hat. He fired Norv, he fired Marty, both quickly. What has he done since? He has held on to personnel too long, be it Bruce, Vinny, Gruden, you name it. He does this, I believe, not JUST because the people around him are sycophants, but because he wants to prove everyone wrong that he is impatient. Vinny was a sycophant in the same way Bruce is, so why replace him? The answer here is simple, too. Many around Dan had advised him to fire Vinny, and the fanbase had called for his ouster for a long, long time. It was only when the narrative began to come up that Vinny had some dirt on Dan, that Dan would NEVER dream of firing Vinny, that he'd be here until Dan sold the team, that Vinny was let go. His insecurity about others' opinion of him led him to prove them wrong, not to just listen to them. His need for media validation isn't just limited to the team's record and their evaluation of the on-field product. Look no further for external evidence that his insecurities control him than his years long crusade against a newspaper for a silly edited picture of him that he felt made him look stupid. The moral of the story is that in my opinion, he does care greatly about the media and the fans' opinions. He is not as insulated as people think. But I don't think that outright telling him to fire someone or getting #firebruceallen trending on Twitter will make him listen. This only deepens his desire to prove all of us wrong, that he can do it with Bruce, that we can win. Combine this with Bruce whispering sweet nothings in his ear ala Wormtongue and it's a recipe for him to be here forever. Is it any coincidence that after pressure to fire Bruce Allen for years, with results he can't ignore, that he only fires Gruden? I think that if we're going to do billboards or social media campaigns, the message needs to be that Dan is too much of a chicken**** to fire Bruce. That everyone can see that he's burning it down, and Dan is a coward. He's too scared to let Bruce go. He's scared that if he lets him go and hires an actual football person, that he will see that his genius way of running things didn't work, so he'll never hire an actual GM. He'll never do the right thing by this team because he's too much of a coward to admit that there's a better way. He will be a failure forever because he's too small of a man to do what needs to be done. Success is just a few phone calls away, but Dan is a coward, so we know for a fact he won't do it, and we're giving up on him. He can rationalize lots of things, and direct orders to do things are only going to entrench him further. We have to engender the outcome we want by framing things differently. Let's be smart about this and apply pressure how it will be most effective. Not through suggestion or command, but through personal judgments about him that he will be compelled to prove wrong - the only way things have ever worked to effect change upon him, and the reason why most appeals haven't worked, even in the face of common sense. Now, anyone got a good TL;DR hashtag for that?
  5. What would people think of any of us if there was a camera feed on the most stressful moment of our lives? This speculation regarding him not wanting to play here is completely baseless and coming from a no-audio feed of his facial reactions to a pressure cooker of stress.
  6. The Batman

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The point is more than a little moot now, but just looking at 2018, he beat one team with a winning record in which he did not throw at least 1 pick. He had dropped INTs multiple times last season as well, and fumbled the ball 6 times (although I think he only lost 2). In some games where he had no turnovers, he was also wildly ineffective. I was at the Carolina game and some of that game had heavy rain but plenty of it was in the sunshine and he got outplayed by a career backup with no starts. He had 4 games last season with a completion percentage in the mid 50s or below, two in the 40s. The guy almost invariably disappears in big games and makes boneheaded decisions like he's paid for it (case in point, some of those turnovers that were dropped and his atrocious completion percentage against good defenses). That's what I mean when I say he's turnover prone. An NFL team will pick him off twice as often as he was in the college game.
  7. The Batman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I’ve watched multiple film analysis segments from various folks on him and all seem to agree he’s a great fit for a WCO and that his short and intermediate accuracy is elite, among the best for recent draft prospects, and that his downfield game is the area in which he needs the most work (though it still flashes greatness at times). I’ve also seen several segments that indicate that possibly his greatest asset as a QB are his pre-snap reads, defensive scheme recognition, and knowledge of the game. I know you’ve said nothing of the latter, but what are people reading to make them think this kind of stuff? I don’t see a single thing in his game that isn’t coachable and I see plenty of things that make him the anti-RG3 (knowledge of defensive schemes, pre-snap reads, etc.)
  8. The Batman

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I ask this because you seem to be a Vols fan. I'm a Game****. I cannot understand the love for Lock. He is GOD AWFUL against every halfway decent team that isn't Georgia. Turnover prone, anti-clutch, completely loses defenders, misses open guys. Consistently, across his entire career. Look at his statistical breakdown. Did he just show out against UT over the years and I missed it?
  9. The Batman

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    That veetle stream has ridiculous quality. Nice find, Phil!
  10. The Batman

    **** the Cowboys

    Seriously, there are WAY the hell too many Cowboy fans in South Carolina. What happened to your home town team loyalty, dicks? **** the Cowboys. **** them hard. :logo: