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I arrived in the Emerald City this afternoon and in a word this place is dreary.

In fact, it reminds me more of the Lost City of Atlantis. Yes it is THAT wet. It's a constant, cold, rain that only seems to vary in intensity, not frequency. I understand that it is an absolutely beautiful place in the summer (thanks gimpyoo7) but there is only one problem.....it's not summer.

Enough of the weather. On to the real meat.

Randy Thomas was on our flight this morning from Atlanta. I bumped into him in the concourse and asked him how the leg was. (He was in a wheel chair.) He said, "Well, I'm in a wheel chair if that tells you anything." Yeah, I deserved it.

I also asked him if he had a feeling about the game. He responded, " Yeah, I've got a feeling. A good feeling." :)

He was a class act to all of the fans who stopped to talk with him. :applause:

Randy sat in coach in the back row. That's right, no foo-foo first class for this blue collar player. Also on the plane were about 15-20 Skins fans. A couple of women on a wives only road trip had WAY too much to drink and were singing Hail to the Redskins during the flight. Being the nice guy that I am I bought them a round with the understanding that they had to continue to sing. ;) Ah, good times! :laugh:

We went to the Skins hotel to hunt autographs for my 13 year old son. There we met Fuji869 & Gimpy007. They are both great guys, it was kind of neat to meet them in person. Those are a couple of true fans. Blade & Art also made their appearance and said hello before going out for a bite.

We also met a lot of crazy Skin fans who didn't know about ES. Soooooo, be it at the airport, the restaurant where we ate lunch, or the team hotel, we spoke the word of Extreme to all with the fervor of a missionary. Hopefully many will be baptized into our order very soon.

We were able to meet and interact with the following players as they came back in from dinner: (in no specific order)

Shawn Springs (he's big and limping a little), Nic Clemons, Jon Jansen (wouldn't shake hands due to his thumb situation), Mark Brunell (the overwhelming fan favorite...he created a buzz), Cornelius Griffen, Robert Royal, Jason Campbell (very big), Randy Thomas, Renaldo Wynn, Cory Raymer, Patrick Ramsey, Phillip Daniels, Joe Salave'a, Matt Bowen, Pierson Prioleau, and Walt Harris. We saw Mike Sellers but he wouldn't sign.

We also got a HOF autograph from none other then Mr. Sonny Jurgenson.:notworthy:

We never saw Portis, Moss, Taylor, M. Washington, Lavar, Carlos Rogers, and anyone else not named. We saw no coaches except for Ernest Byner and he also did not stop.

The players needed to be back in the hotel by 8PM for meetings, and lights-out is reported to be at 11PM.

That is it for now. I will update as events happen.

Did I mention that the weather is dreary? (Sorry my Seattle friends.)

Good night, Seattle.

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Sounds awesome. So your saying Springs and Campbell are big, but big Joe gets no credit! :)

:laugh: Big Joe is a house. Griffen is absolutely huge.

Springs is surprisingly big for a corner. Campbell is as big as advertised. A lot of times measurements seem to be somewhat inflated. His are not, he makes Ramsey seem small in comparison.

P.S.- I had the chance to throw back a couple of cold ones last night with Tarhog & PCS. What great guys!

(anybody have any aspirin?)

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Got to meet Monte last night (finally). Great to put a face with a name finally (and great beer choice as well) :)

Lots of Skins fans here. Flew out with my son and a bud last night and met up with Park City Skins. Courtesy wake-up call from Blade this morning :)

We are amped and ready to go. Enjoy the game guys :cheers:

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