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Possible Monk-Moss correlation?


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As I was looking over Art Monk's career stats (http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/MonkAr00.htm) I noticed that his 3 best postseason games we lost. WE were 1-3 when he went over 100 yds or 5 catches. Santana had 2 for 18 yds last week and we won. Maybe we just need to keep it away from him and we win too?

Ah Forget it, through the screen and the deep ball we can light them up!!!

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Teams went into those playoff games trying to shut Monk down. He was our most dependable WR and they knew it. They would devote their attention to him and someone else would hurt them. Then, we got up on them and started ramming it.

You mean like how everyone pays attention to Moss, and then we kick it to Cooley cuz Moss is quadrupal covered? and then we ram it down their throats with Portis, Betts and the Rock?

Good lets keep it from moss then

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See, I'm all for Moss being a great Redskins reciever, but when you start putting him in Monk's shoes (or Coles in Clark's shoes), thats when I've got to raise my hand and just say NO!

One good year, even if its the best in the history of the team, but ONE GOOD YEAR does not make you similar to a HOF WR.

Instead of Moss being just like Monk, why not just say what he is? He's Just like MOSS. JUST LIKE SANTANA MOSS. And thats all we want him to be.

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