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Taylor Not first Skins player to Spit.


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In a game against the Saints Dexter Manley spit in Jim Dumbrowskies face as the saints were lining up for a tieing field goal. Dumbrowski did exactly what Pittman did and was flagged for 15yds. The Kick was no good and The Skins won. You could clearly see the spit on TV. Dexter wasnt fined and Gibbs didnt take him out of any games.

You can a team full of high charecter guys but you need a few Dawgs to.

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The "kid" has alot of workplace stress and is often asked to do things to people that are unacceptable everywhere else except for the football field. I think its amazing that it doesnt happen more often. I have seen plenty more spitting in bar fights that were far less violent then NFL playoff games. He's a freaking monster and everyone knows it. I just hope that he realizes that each game he plays from here on out could very well be his last.

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