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Who do we pick up for Wynn?


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It's weird....Boschetti has played less and less over the last 8 weeks. Killings appears to have taken some of his playing time.... and to a lesser extent Aki Jones.

Nic Clemons will certainly play more... but I expect Boschetti to play alot as well. Either one will have to play WAY over their heads and hold the point of attack.... something Wynn does on a regular and consistent basis but fails to get the accolades.

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As much as I love Reynaldo, and he is very important to the team chemistry as far as being a lockeroom leader, I think this may be a blessing in disguise. We'll now hopefully get to see Evans at DE, where I think he can have the biggest impact. He's a great pass-rusher, and I think he'll be a difference maker down the line in the playoffs. :2cents:

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